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Factory puzzle glitch?

Playing last night, I noticed something very strange. I didn't finish all of the puzzles going through the factory, so I had to go back and do them. Puzzle 6 was the eighth puzzle that I solved, but in trying to reach the generator, I slipped down the ladder to where the fifth generator, which I had not solved, was visible. Then, something weird happened. The generator solved itself. Somehow, the order in which I did the factory puzzles triggered a glitch and gave me a free pass on the presumably optional final puzzle. Was this supposed to happen, or is it a glitch? I'm not going to complain, as the particular puzzle the game solved for me was one that I was stumped on, but it might be worth investigating for future updates.
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I also had one of the generators solve itself as I passed by it. The first one in my case. It appears that sometimes enough molten material gets in the generator before the fluros can hit the button causing the generator to activate. Thanks, I kinda forgot about that.
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