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Angry level 36 impossible, no cheat/trainers around ?

cmooon i've died maybe 200 times, i've stopped playing some years ago because of that level and now i've tried again, that level is hard, too hard!!
i want to kill the developer..
it was hard already without that stupid laser inside the circle that alternates the rays, also if you aren't lucky with the timings the countdown starts and you have to wait the passage to be opened, it takes about 15 seconds to make an entire loop and also some times you can't pass throu cause there are obstacles in the middle....
not to mention all the stuff that is on the surface, that i always skip.
i was very near to finish it today but i've died on the stupid destructible wall that obviously repops every time you die. damnit!
also the bounce you receive when you get it is too strong, in small places you start bouncing like a ball.
no cheats/trainers around? i want to play other levels and/or skip this one.
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