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Question Stopping fatal wounds with the console.

So, I got my friends to buy copies of E.Y.E because I thought it was quite fun but then we had some shenanigans with accidentally murdering everyone at EYE HQ. So, we killed ourselves and respawned and accidentally killed everyone again. This cycle repeated for several millennia at which point we found ourselves several dozen hit points short of what we used to have. After a short search, we discovered that we had just become victims of the fatal wound system.

My question is is there any way to get around this or disable entirely with just the console? I understand you can get bioregeneration later in the game but that's a bit of a hassle considering how weak we are and how large a drain it is on our resources. I have looked online for console commands and found almost nothing of use. I have tried to spawn in research items but I'm greeted with "No cyber for cheater!" in my console.

I think the game is great fun, but I don't think my friends will want to continue playing with such a feature. Thanks in advance for any response given.
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There's no way to remove or stop Fatal Wounds except by the proper research.

This brief guide will explain everything needed;

The best way to make money is to start a coop mission (not campaign) on Normal difficulty with higher than normal spawns. Complete the missions, killing as many enemies as possible along the way. Getting 'pinned down' is a good thing, as you'll get tons of research drops, brouzoufs, and experience.

The research items needed for bio-regeneration are all relatively common, the real kicker is money and time. The Co-op missions with a competant team are the best way to gain money. Turn down the difficulty if needed, but keep the spawns high, and complete missions.

Curing fatal wounds itself could be a sort of 'quest' you and your friends take for your first several play sessions, working on the coop missions and building the resources necessary. Plus it will be a good learning experience for the game itself, giving your team several levels, the money to unlock new weapons, and chances to practice against enemies like the Deus Ex or surviving large squads of enemies.

Don't worry so much about the deaths right now; it won't cripple your character if you're still playing smart and as a team, and you'll get all the lost points back when you finish bioregeneration.
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Originally Posted by godofbreadstiks View Post
I think the game is great fun, but I don't think my friends will want to continue playing with such a feature. Thanks in advance for any response given.
Why not? It's not a game breaker. It just makes the game a bit more challenging. Plus, you can heal all fatal wounds with the ingame mechanics (research). And there's an easy way to avoid getting fatal wounds - don't die! Also, try to keep your Karma up. The lower your Karma, the higher the chance that the game will punish you. How do you get your Karma up? Not sure, but shooting friendlies must be counter productive!

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I always assumed it had to do with dialogue options. I had the character be as noble and polite whenever possible, and ended the campaign with 100 karma.

Mind, that didn't stop me from getting 6 Fatal Wounds in a row between a bad Minos mission and a bad Mars mission, but still.
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Karma is based entirely on time between deaths.
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The best way to level up and make money is to research Dragon, or get Triangular gate and Medkit, and also get the cloak - Go to Noctis for secondary missions, but don't do the secondary missions - instead, equip the sniper (NOT the silenced one), and use the portal that takes you to the ruins in the center of the fork in the map, where one of the Deus Exes spawn to the right of the portal (go through it WHILE CLOAKED), and use Dragon on the Deus Exes (from here you can see the other one in the distance, standing at the top of the stairs behind the vehicle, look for glowy eyes) while using the sniper on the airships. The second sniper, as well as the Hunting Rifle, will kill the airships in 2-4 hits (depending on which you use, Hunting is better but requires 70 Accuracy). Dragon will 1 hit kill the Deus Exes almost always, and if it doesnt (rare) you will end up directly under it where it cant shoot you, so shoot it in the balls to kill it.

If you cant afford Dragon, then get Triangular Gate (from joining sides with your Mentor on Noctis Campaign mission) and make sure Medkit is researched. Then take the teleporter into that small looter camp with the Rhasta Sign (while cloaked, there are 3 dudes here that'll shoot you so kill them, and kill their turrets too), and go out on the giant land bridge while looking down at the same ruins, to the right. Use triangular gate on the Deus Ex, which should also kill it, and immediately heal with the Medkit. You can snipe the airships from up here too - the downside is that you don't get to kill the other Deus Ex this way unless you use the portals wisely. Also, watch out for the respawning patrol of 1-3 Shock Troopers that might run up from behind you while up there, as their snipers can be deadly, especially if they get the jump on you.

You can also use the Dragon strategy while using Triangular Gate instead, if you want to be able to kill both Deus Exes. Just keep in mind that this ruins area is potentially the most dangerous on the map, as a Deus Ex spawns very close to it, as does an Airship (almost right above it), and many shock troopers/jian/force enemies converge here from various directions. Since Triangular Gate damages you (quite a bit depending on your level, and can kill you too) and costs Stamina, this is a dangerous area in which to attempt to recover. But it can be done.

Anyway, once you kill the Deus Exes/Airships, run back through the portal into the base, crouch, regain your stamina, and by the time its full the Deus Exes will probably have already respawned. You get about 9-15k from them depending on their level (Master and so forth) and I believe difficulty also affects the money and experience you get.

Just make sure you are almost always cloaked when attacking or running out in the open, always crouching to rest behind rocks or whatever between attacks and runs. Learn to stay crouched and hidden as much as possible to regain stamina (knowing little spots behind rocks and such can help so learn the map), only using cloak when you run out to aim at the Deus Exes - if your attack (Dragon or Triangle Gate) fails, re-cloak and hide/regen stamina. Also, use the abilities WHILE CROUCHING, just helps to regen stamina. You can also use Dragon while cloaked, and if your Psi is high enough, it won't even uncloak you. Triangular Gate will uncloak you, and hurt you - a lot. But its worth the 1 hit kill if you use it while crouched and instantly heal with medkit; if done right you won't die, and you can cloak your way back to the portal since you were crouching when you used it (just causes it to start regening faster - make crouching a habit when looking around or not fighting). Setting the NPC view distance to short is also pretty paramount at lower levels here.

I started doing this with Triangular Gate at level 25 -30 I think, and leveled up to 60 in less than a week while making 100k every 15 or so mins, sometimes less. I also got all my Bioregen Researches here (including the Research that starts the chain leading to BioRegen), which also took less than a week to complete, playing maybe only 2 hours a day (though I left the game on overnight during the researches so they were done in the morning).

Now I just run through everything easily on that map, Ghost Difficulty with Invasion on, to get money, while Dragoning through the Deus Exes. VERY easy money, and you feel like a badass doing it. Also a good way to practice your stealth tactics (I can run through some missions without even fighting now, using Medium armor with ONLY the Democles and Medkit equipped).

Also, buy the Dermal Shealth. It can be a lifesaver in otherwise deadly firefights and will prevent a lot of deaths. 180 HP with Medium Armor can tank a few hits from Deus Exes while Dermal is active, depending on difficulty (I have never gone below Master).

I usually make about 450k before I get bored and finish the mission.

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Well, thanks for all the answers. My friends and I decided to tough it out and just play a large amount of side missions between each story mission. It only took a couple days to get the bioregeneration finished with the help of that guide, so it honestly wasn't too bad. Thanks again.
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