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Some required reading for the impatient.

One of Runic's employees has recently taken to the blog in an attempt to give us clues where the game's development is currently focused. I appreciate how the game sounds complete in the eyes of many other devs, but they want to get the minute details right to ensure a very satisfying experience.



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Thanks for the info - it helps (a little)
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Not A Blog Updated-
This is nice-
During the beta we decided that we were going to merge the functionality of Waypoints and Town Portals, so that they were more useful in general. This week Matt got that taken care of.
Now, if you open a Town Portal, you can use it just like a Waypoint - you can jump to any other Waypoint in the act, or the town, or directly to another player or another player's portal. This lets you skip a trip back to town to perform direct player or Waypoint warps and is just nicer overall.
Now you have Waypoint Scrolls instead of Town Portal Scrolls as a result.

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