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CIV V - Multiplayer Disconnect

My friends and I keep being disconnected. I see that other are having this problem. Is there a fix for this?
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Do you have VPN software (like Hamachi) installed?
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Been playing a game with my brother for days with no problems (20 hours through the game) and now it decides to randomly disconnect us every few turns. Playing over LAN. Massively frustrating.
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In every multiplayer game over the Internet, at least one person crashes for no reason during the game. Usually by the Renaissance era 2 or 3 people are gone. I'm usually not one of the people who crashes, but I have had Civ V crash during an online game about 1/4 of the times I've played online. What I'm wondering is, is Firaxis ever going to fix this?

WOW. Again, today. Had a good online game going, and about 45 minutes in, Civilization V crashes, and I get the "Civilization V has stopped working" window.

Can I get my money back? Please?

I'm using Directx 11. Now that I think about it, I don't think the game crashed like this when I played it on my laptop using the Directx 9 option.

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Multiplayer disconect issue

I started playing a couple weeks ago with my parents for Christmas with endless disconnects at seemingly random times during LAN games even when reloading the autosave the disconnect would just happen again that turn or the turn after that so reloading the autosave was useless. I began reading on the forums and it seems that no one knows what is happening and everyone is calling for an update. Well, with further examination the game crashed when one of us was trying to use a settler. I examined options for the game and kept attempting to see if this was a game issue or what the **** was going on. I started to noticed that when "hide recommendations" was turned on my settlers stopped lagging and crashing the game. Upon turning it back on the game would crash. We have been playing for three days now and have not experienced a crash in the game while playing over LAN. I do not know if this will solve the problem for everyone but it seems to have solved my disconnect issues.
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lumpy custard
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The usual culprit is internet connection sharing (disable it under network connections > properties > sharing).

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