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Can't get past that Windows Live Crap

Is there any way to play Fable 3 without the Windows Live crap?

I can't get GFWL to work. Tried to set the MTU on all the device, reinstalled it manually, browsed through 100s of posting on the topic - nothing works. I also contacted Steam Support, but they don't even answer. Been waiting for a week and nothing.

The PC in question is a dedicated Windows 7 x64 gaming machine with only Tera, Steam and the latest drivers installed. The installation is fresh, did it a week ago.
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I had some troubles too.
Do you have Hamachi or Tungle installed? They were my problem.
If so, just disable them in control panel -> network and sharing center (WIN 7) -> change adapter settings (on the left side), then right click on hamachi and/or tungle and disable them.
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You goT to tell us what's happening for us to help.

Just saying it doesn't work tells us nothing, you have to give detail:

What doesn't work,
Where do you get to before it doesn't work
How doesn't it work.

Why you are messing with routing MTU I have no idea.

When GFWL wouldn't let me play it was because of a glitch with auto account login. Turned auto login off and it loaded fine from there on.
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Thanks, I don't have Hamachi or Tungle installed. It's a fresh Windows 7 install with the latest Updates for the system, direct x, phys x and the required MS redistributables.

As for what's happening: I select "Use existing profile", enter my data and press on login. Then Windows Live usually downloads the profile forever. Somtimes I also get an error 0x80151911 which is supposed to be fixed with updating the MTU of your PC and your router. I don't have access to the router since it's a shared environment but I changed the PCs setting.

Reference for the MTU thingy: http://forums.xbox.com/gfw/technical...46.aspx#353446

Sorry that I can't provide you with any details, but GFWL prefers to be rather uncommunicative when it comes to handling problems.
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I am having the same problem with windows live I log in and go to code screen then it packs the poops and tells me windows live is not available and that is that. I know little about computers but have deleted my windows live id and re done it 3 times and still wont let me play the game. My son who also plays this game tried to set it up for me and met with the same fate and he is a dedicated gamer. It would be nice to get some help that actually is directed to the average user and not a computer programmer.

Very frustrated I have had the game over a month and not able to play it.
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What seems to correct this issue for most people is to download the games for windows live client outside of the game, log into the client its self, then try to log in to the in game client again.
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