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Talking TNTuniverse salvation rp beta

Server info

We have a playable beta of our server and gamemode. We are going into garrysmod 13 with this as well .The reason im posting this here is due to people joining the server and leaving due the the fast dl not working.

Why not HL2RP ?
Well this is due to the recent updates breaking it all and us not being able to fix it. Instead we have moved to another gamemode which can promise alot more to us all.

What is salvation ?
NO ITS NOT TERMINATOR BASED. Right now then after that little rant I will say why its called salvation. This is because late at night I thought of a name and it stuck. Simple as that nothing to do with terminator. Moving on salvation is a post nuclear apocalyptic role play set in ********** ( the reason for the stars is so our lore writer can make stuff) which includes elements of fallout , stalker and more. Basicly what I am saying is that we have taken ideas from the best of rp to make a better rp experience.

Why does this not work ?
Well my friends if the word beta does not mean anything to you then look at this from the urban dictionary.

A beta version of a program, game etc... is an unfinished version released to either the public a select few or whoever signs up to beta test it for bugs or glitches.

Updates when ?
We will have alot of updates to help form a better server. These will include props, weapons, models and more. You can tell what version you need by the link below.

These go in the garrysmod directory. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THESE THEN I HOPE YOU LIKE ERROR'S and purple and black box's.

Content pack 1.1 and map



1.1 Patch Notes
+ Small and large Medkits
+ 21 new Custom Models
4 Exo-skeleton
2 Bandits
1 Controller
6 Gas Hoods
8 Gas Mercs

- Nothing :3

New Features:
Turn in scrap at the Soviet Remnant workshop for special items.

5 High-Tech Scrap = 1 Energized Component [EC]
5 Low-Tech Scrap = 1 Combustion Chamber [CC]

2x [EC] and 3x [CC] = Laser Rifle
1x [EC] and 2x [CC] = 10mm Pistol
1x [EC] and 4x [CC] = Combat Shotgun

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While this all looks very interesting you need to edit out the IP address from the post, instead link to your site. It's forbidden on the Steam forums to post IPs.
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Thx for that.
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