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Headcrab addict
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An advanced guide on the text to speech and the cheat console!

After playing more than 100 hourse of moonbase alpha, i found out a lot about the Stephen Hawking like text to speech voice which made me laugh so many times. So decided to make a short guide about the text to speech and the console.

First a few notes:
1: This is NOT a guide for serious players.
You won't find any info about repairing strategies or such things here.
2: Not all info may be correct.
The text to speech has a lot of functions and i found a lot of commands and how they work. However, i think there are many more commands i don't know about, and my knowledge of how they work also has a limit. But i hope that my info is as correct as possible.
3: Do not claim a song made by me is made by you.
4: All credit for making this thread goes to me. (Not all songs are made by me though.)
5:Although i can't do anything from stopping you, please don't post any commands here which can crash clients, servers, or text to speech voices.
6: Use this info to your advantage, and feel free to add your songs and ideas by posting them here. (i will make a list of good text to speech lines, console commands and other interesting stuff shared by the community).
7: You may post all or part of this guide somewhere else, as long as you credit me.

================================================== =============

First i will explain about the text to speech commands and how to use them. WARNING! It will get quite complicated. Read carefully.


How to activate text to speech

Go from the main menu to options.
The you can tick a box which says text to speech.

The phone

One of the more common known commands is the command that makes a phone dialing sound. [:dial(phone number)] ex. [:dial911]
You can make the telephone number as long as the space in the chat allows.


Sounds between brackets

When you type in "sssssssssssssssssssss" you would expect the text to speech to make a hissing sound.
Tough luck, it won't.
However you can achieve this by putting square brackets [] on each side of the the sound you want it to make.

ex. [sssssssssssssssssssssssssssss]

Now it will hiss.

other examples:





The different voices

The following commands will change the voice permanently for everyone in the server until another voice command is used.

[:nb] teenager
[:nr] same as above
[:nv] same as above
[:nw] same as above
[:nu] same as above
[:nh] guy with low voice
[:nk] 4 year old kid
[:nf] this guy sounds like he ran out of air/ breathing problems
[:np] standard voice
[:nd] soft quiet mans voice

Below are some more voice modifiers which can be used in combination with the voice commands above.
The effect of these commands is also permanent, untill you reset the voice.

[:dv ap 10] half life 1 announcer

[:dv br 200] guy on weed with bleeps

[:dv hs 200] extremely LOUD and low voice

[:dv hs 1] sound like a midgets voice

[:dv sx 0] another midget voice

[:dv pr 1] makes the voice monotone

[:dv gv 40] will make the voice a lot quieter, but also more like stephen hawking's.

[:dv gv 100] will make the voice even louder than [:dv hs 200], but it will also bleep more.

Change the speed of the voice
The higher the number, the faster the voice will speak

[:rate(number)] ex. [:rate400]

[:rate200] normal speed
[:rate400] double speed
[:rate1] sloooooooow mmmmmmoooooooooooooooo

Some tips for the voices.

1: If you made a really weird voice, but you want to get the standard voice back just type [:np] and the voice will be reset to normal.

2: There are probably many more [:dv ?? (number)] commands, you should try finding more. I am too lazy to go after them.

3: All the [:dv ?? (number)] commands can be combined to make new voices. Like i said in 1, type [:np] to reset to normal.

4: the half life 1 announcer sounds best when you use a comma after each word.

ex.[:dv ap 10]Gordon, Freeman, report, to, sector, c, to, unleash, resonance, cascade.



The first time i heard the text to speech sing i was amazed and lolled hard. This is the command to make the voice sing a line or sound in a specific tone.

First, singing a sound [(sound)<(time number),(tone number)>]
ex. [dah<600,20>]

The first number modifies for how long the sound will play(the higher the numer, the longer the sound)and the second number modifies the tone height. The tone height is something i should find out a bit more. Tones from 1 to 37 play normal, but 38 plays a sound which goes from high pitch to low pitch.

Not every word/sound you put in after "[" will be able to play. If it is not able to play, your text to speech will say something that sounds like "command error in pony" instead of the sound.

Below are some sounds that can be used (the numbers don't change the sound so ignore them).

[mm<600,20>] sounds like humming

Different sound, same tone, same duration.
There are more than the ones i gave you here.

Now singing actual words and lines.

With the sounds it was really hard or impossible to make it sing a real word. But i recently found out about a simple and effective way to sing lines.

It is almoast the same as the sounds, but you replace the sound by an "_".


You just type one or more words after the command, and it will sing it in the selected tone.

ex. [_<1,13>]look at me!

Looks pretty much the same as singing the sounds.
One thing you should note is that the time number is 1.
This is because if you type for example,

ex. [_<4000,32>]song text here

It won't say anything for 4 seconds and THEN say what you typed after it. 1000=1 second 2000=2 seconds 7000=7 seconds
So always type 1 if you don't want pauses between your words.

example of a song sentence


So far for the singing.
Anti troll command

You've probably come across someone who spammmed some timezones, with the intention of making your text to speech voice crash.
However, there is a way of fixing it again and that can be done by using this command:

[:t 1,1]

Thats all, your voice may have some bleeps but it's not as broken as it was before.


The bleep tones

The beepy sounds which can give you a headache, or can be used to make a song.
The command for the beeps works very similar to the voice sing commands

[:t(tone height 5512=max),(tone length)]

ex. [:t 1000,300]

The first number changes the tone height, and the second number that changes the tone length.
Easy right?
You also don't need to type a sound. It's always a beep.

These are the text to speech commands i know.
However, as i said before, there will be more commands i don't know about. Again, if you find them, share them here!

================================================== ============


The cheat console is hidden and must be activated by changing a text file.

Enabeling the cheat console

The location is
C:\users\(your username here)\documents\my games\moonbase alpha\moonbasealphagame\Config

The click on the

Scroll down untill you see

Two lines below that is

Change that to


Launch MBA
Press Tab in a game to open the console.
The console is a lime green box at the bottom of your screen.

The console commands

First a note: Cheats will only work when everyone in the server has the cheats enabled.
You can still access the console but you cannot use most of the commands.
You CAN use cheats with players who don't have cheats enabled if you do the following:

1: Make a server or join an empty one.
2: Use any cheat you want
3: When others join, you can't activate new cheats, but the effect of the ones you already used before other people joined will persist.

When all people have the cheats turned on you won't have any problems, even if you are with 6 people.

Now, after all warnings and precautions, it's time for the real work! The cheat commands! After typing each command, hit ENTER to use it.


allowcheats 1-------Enables cheats

setbind---- you can bind a key to a console command with this. Very helpful if you use a command often. example: setbind P fly. Now all you do is hit P to take off.
setbind (your favourite key) (command)

spawncar----------spawns a rover.(too much rovers can cause lag!)

letmedrive------When there are 2 people in a rover, the passenger becomes the driver and vice versa. trololo.

quit----closes moonbase alpha

exit----closes moonbase alpha

jump----makes you jump

fly----fly around

fov---- type a number after fov to decrease or increase your field of view. 100= normal. 170=max. can be used without the allowcheats command.

ghost----much like fly, but more noclip

walk----cancelles the ghost or fly

danceparty---- all astronaouts will dance! There are different dances

win----win the game

lose----lose the game

sabotage----destroys all couplers

acutedisaster----make a coupler go critical

repaireverything----repairs all damaged equipment

teleport----teleport to the spot at which the crosshair points

Pause----freezes the game. Type again to un-freeze.

open mba_sandbox----opens the hidden sandbox map (singleplayer only though)

slomo----change the game speed ex. slomo 2. slomo 1=normal speed. slomo 2= double speed. slomo 0.5= half speed.

MBA_pawn----spawns an astronaut. They are not player controlled and will face the direction you were pointing to when you spawned them.

summon rover----spawns a rover

summon hose----spawns a power cable

summon welder----spawns a welder

summon coupler----spawns a coupler

There are more console commands, but these are the most interesting and fun ones. So far for the console commands

Ready to use text to speech songs and funny lines

Some of them are made by me, others are copied.
Feel free to use them and edit them but don't claim them to be yours.
Pro tip: longer songs must be played in 2 parts like the darth vader song. Run MBA in a window to quickly copypaste lines of text.

My own songs and lines:

A-team [dah<300,30>][dah<60,30>][dah<200,25>][dah<1000,30>][dah<200,23>][dah<400,25>][dah<700,18>]

Emperial march
-second part

john madden pizza
[:nh]I'm gonna eat a pizza. [:dial67589340] Hi, can i order a pizza? [:nv]no! [:nh]why? [:nv] cuz you are john madden![:np]

Portal 2 space core

censored swearing
you're a,[:tone 1000,300] with,[:tone 1000,300] in your,[:tone 1000,300]

tetris tune
[:t 430,500][:t 320,250][:t 350,250][:t 390,500][:t 350,250][:t 330,250][:t 290,500][:t 290,250][:t 350,250][:t 430,500]

funky town
[:t 520,250][:t 520,250][:t 460,250][:t 520,500][:t 390,500][:t 390,250][:t 520,250][:t 700,250][:t 660,250][:t 520,500]

Glados's birth parents prank call
[:dial6387657]The birth parents you are trying to call do not love you, please hang up[:t 350,500][:t 1,500][:t 350,500]


Other peoples songs and lines:

John Madden choir
Dram[aa<250,21>] matic [hxae<250,26>]coir[hxae<250,28>]na[aa<450,29>][aa<200,26>]with jonh[mae<900,24>deh<1000,26>nn]

The baby pooped
mamma mia, poppa pia, baby got the dy[aa<999,999>]reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaa

mario song
[:tone 165,200][:tone 165,400][:tone 165,400][:tone 131,200][:tone 165,400][:tone 196,800][:tone 98,1000]

The whaling tune

copy second part
[_<1,22>]but there[_<1,23>]aint no[_<1,15>]whales[_<1,23>]so we[_<1,22>]tell tall[_<1,18>]tales and

copy third part
[_<1,20>]sing our[_<1,18>]whale[_<1,17>]ing[_<1,18>]tune

================================================== ===============

One last thing

Well.... you've managed to reach the end of this guide alive.
This is about it, but i will keep adding good suggestions to the guide. I tried to write it as clearly and detailled as possible and i hope i didn't to confuse you too much.
And again, things may not be 100% right.
Share ideas and other fun text to speech stuff here.
Hope you enjoyed.


Headcrab addict: Gathering info and writing the thread

Lemon_PL: sending me the whalers song and the lines singing command

dev02ify: more [:dv ?? #] commands and sounds between brackets command.

VirtualHeroes: posting the command to access the sandbox level

InkBlots: credit for the anti troll command goes to him



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Nice guide. There are a few typos though, I will only mention 2 of them.

(...)reall work! The chat commands!(...)
real & cheat.

And is it true that if everyone on the server enables cheats, they will work?

Also you can bind the key not only to Tab, but also Tilde, A, semicolon etc.

Now I have to find a way to get nightvision on the astronauts

And 2 more things -

The cheat enabling way is kinda different. The "acutedisaster" enables them. Maybe only for me. So the proper way should be "enablecheats" "acutedisaster". It should show the red text in the right top corner.

Also "open mba_sandbox" let's you play on that map in Single Player only. To play on it online, on your own server, you have to set up a dedicated server.
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Headcrab addict
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Thanks for your reply.
It is indeed possible to bind a different key than Tab to the console. But if you bind for example the L key to the console, every time you try to type an L in the chat it will make the console pop up, therefore i suggest that you keep the Tab key as you won't need it for anything else in the game.

The acutedisaster command doesn't enable the cheats for me.
The enablecheats doesn't work for me either which is weird, a command with that name should enable the cheats.
I'll just stick with the allowcheats command

And FYI, the robots have night-vision.

Hope i helped you
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Thanks, I was wondering how I could get cheats to work, I had been using them by joining my server first.

I know some about crash commands/sentences, but I won't document them publicly.

Some [:dv] commands: hs br ap gv sx hr pr

Working bracket sounds:gr sh th ch ber sr aw meh

Also, putting a letter or sound like "sh" or m in brackets will make it say the sound. For example: [sh] will make a shushing sound and [mmmmmmmmmmmmm] will make it sound like you would think.

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Headcrab addict
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Thanks for your reply dev02ify.

I'm going to add "Don't post crash commands here" to the rules right away. Very important.

Also thanks for the sounds between brackets command.
It surprises me that although its a very simple command, i didn't know about it. Will be added to the guide.

The [:dv ?? #] commands will also be added.
Found out the follwing about them:

[:dv sx #] doesn't seem to do anything but is a legit command, bcause it doesn't say " command error in pony".

[:dv gv 40] will make the voice a lot quieter, but also more like stephen hawking's.
[:dv gv 100] will make the voice even louder than [:dv hs 200], but it will also bleep more.

[:dv gx #] is not a command, it will say "command error in sting value".

all other [:dv ?? #] commands you mentioned were already on the list.

Thanks for the info. Gonna update the guide now.
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Originally Posted by Headcrab addict View Post
Also thanks for the sounds between brackets command.
It surprises me that although its a very simple command, i didn't know about it. Will be added to the guide.
I just got those commands from seeing other people use them and i added them to a list but didn't test them. I guess someone tried that and i didn't hear command error in pony so I added it.

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I go by "a pants wizard" on MBA. The error you get when you type things besides a valid phoneme in the first argument of the [xx<xx,xx>] command says "Command error in phoneme.
I am the guy who wrote out the "whalers on the moon" song. I am also the guy who figured out how to use the second singing method you mentioned. I also wrote the "church of John Madden" song:


[jhah<400,20>ah<800,25>ah<400,24>ah<400,25>ah<800,2 0>ah<400,18>ah<800,17>nmae<800,15>deh<800,13>n]

Here are a few extras:

Call Me Maybe:
[s<1,20>]hey.[s<1,12>]eye[s<1,15>]just[s<1,20>]met[s<1,15>]you.[s<1,12>]and this[s<1,15>]is[s<1,24>]creh[eh<200,24>]e[s<1,20>]Z

[s<1,20>]but[s<1,24>]here's[s<1,25>]my[s<1,24>]numb[s<1,20>]ber.[s<1,20>]so[s<1,24>]call[s<1,22>]me, may[s<1,20>]be

The Boobies Choir:

[buw<400,20>uw<800,25>uw<400,24>uw<400,25>uw<800,20 >uw<400,18>uw<800,17>uw<800,15>biy<800,13>s]

Same thing with Gaben:

[gey<400,20>ih<800,25>ih<400,24>ih<400,25>ih<800,20 >ih<400,18>ih<800,17>ih<800,15>beh<800,13>n]

Beginning of the Soviet Anthem:

[lxao<400,23>lxao<800,28>lxao<600,23>lxao<200,25>lx ao<1600,27>lxao<800,25>lxao<600,23>lxao<200,21>lxa o<1600,23>]






If anyone wants a 1-4 line song, just post a youtube link and I'll write it out for you.

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awesome gonna try these now

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Originally Posted by Turkey.Baster View Post
-rude, off-topic-
For the bracket command, rather than typing [shshshsh] many times, they work with the <#,#,#>'s in the brackets, but it will only affect how long the sound plays. So you can type [sh<999,999>] or something which is easier and allows for more chat space and longer play times. Works the same for any bracket sounds.

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Originally Posted by dev02ify View Post
-somewhat harsh response-

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Dio Brando

Mudada! Za Warudo! [:rate400] Mudamudamudamudamudamudamudamudamudamudamudamudamu damudamudamudamuda [rih<5555,9999>][:rate200]

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Did they actually fix the crash commands?
I just wanna ask
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So is there a way to turn off "danceparty" after its been activated?
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[:dv br 20000] makes an extremely deep, muted voice which hates the sound of the letter E.
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[:nb][:dv br 2000][:dv pr 1][:dv pr 2000][:rate 50]

Sounds a bit like Shodan.
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