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Unhappy Scared to play my game.

I'd like to start off with the fact that I have no VAC bans on my record, nor have I ever been banned before. I don't plan on hacking, nor do I have any desires to do so.

I'm one of those people who believe hacking a game ruins the fun.

Anyway, some things recently came to my attention, and I was looking for people who knew more about the subject to hear me out. Maybe even post some kind of opinion, or statement. I just want to hear what people knowledgeable about VAC have to say.

Some games, for who knows what reason, have VAC support. One of them being Dungeon Defenders. This game has more hackers than I can even count, it makes me wonder if VAC is even all that great for games made outside of the Source engine. The market is FLOODED with hacked items, some of which are made to look like legitimate items. There are those who also hack their character's stats, or so they say. Either way, public players are coming into games with ungodly stats, owning everything at some beginner level (ex. under 10).

I decided to look more into VAC and what it was all about. After a few articles, I ran into a thread where someone was complaining that they were VAC banned via Dungeon Defenders.

I'm not going to lie, I nearly myself.

You see, not too long ago, I was discussing with a friend about finishing up the game's achievements. I thought a good way was to level up to the new level cap, then buy items in the market. Well, honestly, that.

I don't know what to think. I don't think I even want to play in games with public players anymore.

I'm hearing that Valve will place the ban on your account, and it will be visible to everyone who sees it. Plus, every VAC enabled server will deny entry if you have a recorded ban.

I'm to scared to play my VAC enabled games now, especially Dungeon Defenders.

I know so little about VAC, and I don't want to risk my account due to some script kiddie flooding the market with hacked items. Could someone maybe give me some words of advice, opinions, statements, or something?
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Dungeon Defenders is VAC enabled in BOTH OPEN AND TRENDYNET

If you cheat in Open mode you will be VAC banned. Trendy can ban you from TrendyNet as well in parallel.

I'm not sure what your 'worry' is. You just say someone got VAC banned in DD, which is possible since as you note DD is VAC enabled.

If you have a hacked item it's possible that your accoutn may be banned in TrendyNet, as that's a part Trendy controls. They don't control VAC. VAC only bans people for running cheats, like say running CheatEngine to hack your mana to a few billion. It doesn't ban you for 'having' or 'trading' a hacked item.

If you're worried about hacked items, use common sense. Look at the stats. Items have a 'range' of stats per level. As long as it's 'reasonable' looking you'll be fine. VAC doesn't ban for hacked items. It will ban you if you MAKE THEM. But not for trading them.
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Also if you aren't going to play because you're scared of being VAC banned, you are effectively banning YOURSELF and it wouldn't make a difference if you were or weren't banned because.... you won't play it!
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VAC only bans for KNOWN cheats and modified core game files.

Take a read here.
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Originally Posted by CTRL ALT DEL ! View Post
VAC only bans for KNOWN cheats and modified core game files.

Take a read here.
Thank you.
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