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Red face Mutliplayer Loading Screen Freeze, HELP.

So my friends and I are having difficulties connecting INTO-GAME, So that means whenever we are all ready and started the game everyone goes into loading, suddenly it pops up to 99% and we're all excited, 10 minutes later we are still loading and just chilling there complaining. None of us ALT+TAB'd because if we do the screen will go white.
Please Help!

Spec's are up to date and at RECOMMANDED Spec's for the game (Can run Battlefield3)

so any help
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Have you tried to totally exit Hamachi?

This is actually for a "black screen issue", but similar "hang" situation.
Originally Posted by vaendryl View Post
disabling hamachi worked for me! I've tried so many different but this finally allowed me and my brother to keep playing the game. remember to also disable the hamachi network adapter in addition to stopping the software itself!
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Did the solution PS_ mentioned work for you?

What map(s) does this happen on?
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