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Amnesia: the Rift

So, I've been begging the OVERKILL team (creators of Payday: the Heist) to invest in the Oculus Rift. Although I've no official response from the developer team, for some reason people aren't excited about this. I hope reception here is different.

I want to send a message to Frictional games and need help from those interested in the Rift.

Frictional Games, please create a version of Amnesia for the Oculus Rift. Amnesia is a wonderful, frightening game that stands on its own, even on a monitor. However, it would be awesome to get an enhanced version of Amnesia by integrating it with the Oculus Rift.

Imagine walking through that haunted castle. Imagine what it would feel like to be "inside" the game world of Amnesia. Oculus Rift can help bring us closer to that experience than we've ever been before.

I'm hoping that the devs will look into getting a DEVELOPER kit (this is not for us consumers!!!) and looking to be a part of what could be the start of a booming VR games industry.

And scare the out of us.
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Indie developers don't have the time and resources to develop for technology that is about to die and takes a lot of effort developing for.

You can abandon hope of small devs like Overkill and Frictional going for the Oculus Rift.
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Maybe not for Amnesia, because I guess it's a lot of work of going back and integrate Stereoscopic 3D, but for their upcoming titles I would love to see the Rift supported.

...about to die...
Let's just wait a few months until the devkit get's to the different developing teams around the world before making such bold statements, the Rift is currently at 1,76 million $ at kickstarter, so I would say there are quite some devs interested in this.
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