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Steam Screenshots

As you know, when you take a screenshot in-game, it goes to your steam community profile.

But what if, screenshots had a download option, so that you could get the screenshot's file. I think this would be great.

Examples for needing to be able to download a screenshot are:

1. Using it as a desktop background
2. Using it as a steam avatar or an avatar for anything else

There also could be privacy settings. Screenshots currently have visibilty settings, public, friends only, private and so on. For downloading, there could be settings that determine which group of people have access to downloading the screenshot. The default should be private so that no one would be able to steal someones screenshots.

If you went to the user's main page of screenshots and clicked the download button, it could have you check off the screenshots you want to download so that you could download more than one at a time.
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view the screenshot in your browser, and right click save picture as, plus the screenshots are saved on your pc, but i agree that this should be simpler and a download button would be cool
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There is already a view on disk button.
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the screen shots don't automatically get uploaded. they're always saved to your PC first, then you have to manually upload them.

also, if someone else wants your screen shot, they can just go to your profile with a browser, click on the picture and "save as...".
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what if someone doesn't have all the screenshots they've uploaded, and would like to download what they've uploaded to get it back.

youtube allows users to download their content back down.
i know steam is no youtube, but hopefully they have this feature in sight.
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