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Alienware AlienFX / XPS LightFX - Diagnostics (3rd Party)

After tons of posts/threads of Alienware users having issues with Payday and AlienFX working, I made the following (free!):

Download: LFX_Test.zip (virustotal / jotti)
Sample output: LFX_Test.log (Ignore the hardware info in the log, I run my own driver )

Just like with Payday, be sure to have 3rd Party Access enabled in the AlienFX Editor / Command Center (right click the taskbar icon to access the menu).

This utility will not directly fix your problems, it will simply test the functionality of AlienFX, and generate a .log file to ease getting help here on the forum.

I have tested it on Windows 7 x64, and Windows XP x32 - VC libraries are static linked, so no additional files should be needed (aside from the AlienFX/XPS LightFX software of course). It's very straight-forward, and includes alot of error checking, however if a bug is located let me know in this thread.

PS: as stated before in the main Alienware thread, disable and re-enable AlienFX in the advanced video options of Payday every time a new map launches if you want the lighting to work at all, and the mask to remain an option in future lobbies (Payday bug).

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