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Dunno if anyone uses this program, but I've found that it solved a load of issues I had with having wrong beta, wrong DayZ, infinite loading screens, etc.

I tried the sixlauncher program that is recommended by the DayZ site but only about 1 in 10 servers I tried to join would let me on because of a number of issues. It installed only the version when most servers were using and it seemed to let me join any server just to find out 2 mins later that the server wouldn't accept me.

When you finally get DayZ working, which is an issue within itself, you'll still stumble when you try to join the wrong beta or wrong DayZ version, but this program is easily configured to only find servers that will let you on with whatever setup of DayZ you have (and there are a LOT).

I have Arma2 and Arma2 OA, I have installed the latest beta and I have the latest DayZ, all I had to do was check the boxes in DayZCommander that filter for those versions and I now join every server without fail. It is a godsend of a program for those that don't have a favourite DayZ server to constantly go back to.

It even clearly shows what variables are available on each server (3D view, tracers, mouseovers, etc) and will even tell you at which hour of the day or night the server is currently on. Handy if you are tooled up and looking for a day server or badly underequipped and need a night server to go scavenge guns on.

Give it a try.
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