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Exclamation CS:GO Feedback & Bugs

Hi guys,

1st off, dont mind my typing 1 i am not English and2 i have a ty keyboard ty

I have been in love with CS since 2001 ive been around quite some time, but also i have not played for even longer.. this due to personal reasons & in the time of the 1,6 steam release the amount of cheating that started to occur on Multiplayer games.

So, i went from PC to console gaming.. (yes PC gaming RULEZ the console in any way or form) but the reason why i came to like consoles better is because of te "standard" hardware and software all players have.. this leaves less to no room for cheaters, since it is more difficult to hack a console game than a PC game (exept for modders, but thats another discussion).

When i first heard about CS:GO coming out for consoles i was hyped! i felt CS fever rushing through my vains again after many many years of playing all BS games.. that try to give the player more eye candy than actually feeling of accomplisment.

anyways, to topic now, ive been playing quite a bit and i have noted some Bugs, that deffinatly need to be fixed, and i will give some feedback on some features of the game.

The First
thing i noticed that NEEDS a fix which IMO is MOST URGENT:

Play with friends doesnt work. i can set up a team, with 4 friends, but when i as leader start the search for a game (public) it doesnt do anything. it says "searching for game" and stays like that forever.

the only way to play with friends is having 1 person join a random game and the rest has to follow (not cool).

which brings me to my 2nd point:

when selecting a team, i can only see gamerpictures of players joining both teams, making it hard to tell if a friend is in T or CT, i think making a list of names who is in which team in the join team menu would be better since it is not possible to chat during the loading stages of the maps, i cant tell/ask my friend to join what team.

3rd thing is: there is supposedly no "aim assist" on consoles, well there is.. if you have played a bit you may have noticed your chrosshair "sticks"to the enemies when you target them. not in a way that it "follows"the target, but still annoyingly present to slow your motion / turn. this feel very awkward IMO and must have the option to turn off.

im not sure if competitive has the same but deffinatly on casual there is some sort of "sticky aim" if you want to try it for yourself: just make a game vs harmless bots, find one and move your crosshair from left ot right or top to bottom.

The "blur"when turning needs to go... this is all cosmetics that are not needed IMO

i think the amount of "recoil & spread" may be a bit too much. tho it is still possible to give some killer headshots. i find it still to much dependant on LUCK, which has never been the case in CS. even when doing single shots, there is some amount of spread.. i remember being able to give insta headshots with single shots.. which as i said is more luck than skill at the moment.

a great addition to the game would be to add an extra game menu called "auto buys". currently there is an option to press LB for auto buy and RB to buy the previous items/weapons, which does speed up the process. if it were possible to pre set specific weapons / nades / items to specific control butoons, would be highly appreciated. ie i would go to the "auto buy" menu at the options menu and bind "LT" to "AK" and "RT"to "vest and helmet"

then when im playing and i press "b" (or whatever button you have for the buy menu) and siply do "LT" "RT" to buy the AK / Vest and Helmet.

i havnt noticed it, maybe it is there maybe it isnt. but a "mute"option would be nice from the scoreboard

i will update the topic as i go along and find more things to add.


killed by screen = black sometimes

Alive players will have skulls on their corresponding GT pictures at the top of the screen, which is highly distracting.. thinking there is 1 enemy left while there are stil 3 left.

Xbox freeze while loading maps, in between maps, and even when in menu doing noting for some time.

not a bug but : lag, needs fix

Im still not sure if there are dedicated servers or if a specific player is host. but the current state is really messy. if it is possibble to keep US players on US servers / hosts and EU players on EU servers / host would make a difference.

the most annoying thing with online gaming is some1 hopping round on the screen

and there are a couple of more bugs ive noticed, but i will post them at a later time, since i have no more time to finish this

pls let me know what you think, and what you think could be done!

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You make some great suggestions and I think your english is pretty good but you should have posted this in the CS:GO section of the forums. You should repost this in that forum and you will get a lot more views and responses than you will here since this is the Orange Box section. Here's the link. http://forums.steampowered.com/forum...lay.php?f=1188
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