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Save game fix

The problem
I've finished both episode 1 and 2. When starting the game today to FINALLY play episode 3, the game only showed a savegame stating 'episode 1'. It looked like the game didn't save anything from episode 2.
In the folder containing the savegames (C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead), there were .save files that corresponded with episode 2 (save_11 - save_28). Apparently the game DID save the game (hence the files being there), but it isn't finding it for some reason.

The fix
The game reads the prefs.prop stored in X:\Steam\steamapps\common\the walking dead\Pack\default . Copy your prefs.prop file from the my documents folder (C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead) to the steamapps folder.

This is probably caused by a register error telling the game to read/write the prefs.prop file stored in the steamapps folder.
Note that this means you'll have to do this every time you restart your game!

tl;dr : Take a look in this folder for a prefs.prop : X:\Steam\steamapps\common\the walking dead\Pack\default

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I didn't have a prefs.prop file in my Steam/Commons folder.

So if you don't either, this method worked for me:

Scroll down to Siezemore's post, it worked like a charm, if you still have your saved games (but they aren't being read).
The only thing he didn't mention that if you finished Episode 2, then start a new game on Episode 2 (and not Ep. 1). The save game you're trying to re-open should be within the same Episode.
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Well, I'm done. No fix has worked. So I guess I replay from episode 1, all the way up to where I actually am - episode 3's end.
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This worked

I had the same kind of problem.
Played 7/8 of Episode 4 and went to bed.
When I got back today no saves from episode 4 seemed to exist even though I had all the achievements. Also when trying to load episode 3 the game just froze.

Here is the solution that worked for me to restore my game to it's previous working state including all saves:

I copied the pref.prof file from the folder: C:\Users\Username\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead

and copied it in:

G:Steam\steamapps\common\the walking dead\Pack\default
(G being the root letter of the drive where my Steam is installed. It varies from user to users).

Boom! Everything is working fine.
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