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nba2k13 (pc) - Not sure about buying.

I played nba2k12 in the pc. and I loved it. though never actually tried Multiplayer.
If I am going to buy nba2k13 I realy want the MP being a big part of the game for me.
So to my questions:
Do you think it's gonna have a large number of PC MP players?
Did 2k12 had a lot of people?
Did the game net hold up fine?
And in general, do you think it's worth buying? (for SP & MP or just SP.)

I am not sure about buying because I realy want to enjoy MP, and the PC is already downhill for the 2K series of all sports (what left of it in the pc).
Hope someone could help me out here.
Thanks :]
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Multiplayer on the PC has historically been terrible. Maybe it will work this time around, but I wouldn't bet on it. And by the time 2K gets around to patching (approximately 4-5 months later), there are only about 1-2 thousand players left.

The $30 price point, and the ease of modding for single player, encourages me enough to buy NBA2Kx every year. If you are serious about the Multiplayer, I recommend seeing what the communities over at operation sports or nba-live have to say about it first.
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