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Lightbulb How can I get my PS3 controller working after plugging it in?

I've gone ahead and tried hooking the PS3 controller up via the USB cable, and the PC I use say that it is recognized and ready to use, yet I cannot control anything with it, and it reverts back to mouse and keyboard controls in game. I have gone to the Controls menu and set it to "Controller 5" before entering any matches. All the PS3 controller is doing is blinking at the top.

Any idea how to remedy this?

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look up motioninjoy.

Although the computer recognizes the controller, it still does not have full capabilities. You'll need 3rd party software in order to use your controller on the computer.

Protip: Use the Xbox 360 emulator option when enabling it.
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I use a program called motion in joy to connect my ps3 controller to my pc. http://www.motioninjoy.com/

if the game does not recognize the controller you may need to look up on youtube for a tutorial on an xbox360 controller emulator. I use this for most games but unfortunatley don't remember exactly how its configured, its basically just 3 files you need to copy/paste into the game folder to trick the game into thinking your using a 360 controller

Edit: never knew motioninjoy had 360 emulation ignore that second paragraph

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I use XPadder for my PS3 Controller.
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