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Post High Resolution vs Low Resolution in cs:go

Could anyone tell me if there's a legitimate advantage for high resolution clients over the low ones, because I think there is

Either fps, interpolation or reg advantages etc...

I remember chet saying there were going to set up cs:go in a way so that low resolutions didn't have an advantage over the high ones.

If anyone wants to share their thoughts about it please do and also let me know if you think the same.
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Okay off of my head with out providing facts so don't quote me. I will say a few things.

I believe 4:3 resolution feels alot smoother for mouse movement than 16:x. Reason is that the mouse feels more like a 1.1 ratio since their is more pixels on the width on larger resolution.

Secondly, on CS 1.6. Low resolution made the hit boxes larger in close combat although the distance was harder to see.

^Yeah don't quote me but I would like to see what others think.
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The advantage seems alot less compared to source and 1.6 imo. It's the first CS where I'm using my native resolution.

Better visibility on native and I get the feeling that the new recoil algorithm makes the recoil feel more similar over a wide range of resolutions.
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4:3 you dont have to move your eyes too much to see the minimap which you going to use alot, 16:9 minimap are way off the screen
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Recoil is the same in all resolutions, lower gets higher FPS but if you don't have this problem use higher because visibility is better.
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low res is always stupid.

If you want to play low res buy a 15" crt. Playing the game not on your native resolution is just stupid. It looks like horse.
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fact 1: the hitbox size does not get changed at any point by changing resolutions.

fact 2: running screens below the native resolution, especially like 50% lower is not a good thing to reproduce the exact size and shapes of objects.

fact 3: fact 1 and 2 are real facts.
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I play at 2560x1440 on a 27 inch screen. The game looks great on that resolution and because of the screen size everything is well visible. Still have a solid 100fps so I keep it like that.
The slight advantages of lowering the resolution are not worth it for me. I hate looking at blurry stuff. Native ftw.
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I switched to 4:3 after I discovered that the 4:3 version of your native resolution (1980x1440 in my case) doesn't have the blur you get when you use lower 16:9 resolutions below your native.

You get less visibility but I like the UI being more visible and the mouse just feels more controllable (probably in my head). The FPS boost from the slightly less pixels to render isn't bad either.
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the higher the resolution, the better visibility & quality (if fps dont suffer).
aspect ratio is subject to discussion, especially when FOV comes into play, but i personally havent had any problems during the last ca. 5 years since that mattered (since there werent just 4:3 displays anymore) with cs:s, first playing @ 1650x1050 (16:10) and now 1920x1080 (16:9), and also none at all now with cs:go @ 1080p. the only problems occured when having tried lower resolutions, since i wasnt used to them, and picture became blurry & pixelated.

also worth reading the opinion of j3di:
Originally Posted by J3Di View Post
I know plenty of pros who use 1920x1080 - whatever their native monitor resolution is really.
Those with CRTs tend to be 4:3 and low resolution players, there are quite a few reasons besides the obvious (CRTs are almost always 4:3 ratio).
- They knew they could always access those resolutions on LAN/stage systems so would have a consistent experience.
- Low resolution gives a higher FPS if you're GPU limited.
- In certain games resolution plays a factor on your mouse sensitivity (not CS/CSS).
- In game UI element positions (such as crosshair, player names, bomb timers etc..)

There are no other real reasons that I'm aware of, people have tried to justify it with some odd responses, like it lowers recoil, makes hitboxes larger, changes sensitivity. None of which are true. In fact with a higher resolution you have an advantage since you can clearly see and position your mouse onto distant players (they will occupy more pixels).
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Having a lower resolution might help in some situation where target is far enough. In that case it is possible that the target might seem a little bigger because the lowest unity (pixel) is bigger in lower rez. This is only visual off course hit-box are the same. Also remember old 3D engine did not have sub-pixels, anti-aliasing and such.
Anyway would choose a crappy resolution specially with a LCD screen for such an hypothetical insignificant advantage, I wouldn't for sure.
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I like 800x600 because I am used to it.

If I look at a higher resolution there are much more pixels to look at which distract me.

Also I can run my monitor on 160Hz in 800x600, which simply yields much much better improvement than added pripheral vision from 16:9. Its more important to feel directly connected to the game to hit reflex-shots.

I just hope my crt will last some more time because I haven't seen any kind of lcd display yet which would be in the same league in terms of smoothness, especially when doing fast turns or engaging fast strafing opponents.
For CS, the development towards lcd displays was a step backwards.

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Why do pros use 1024x786?
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very simple
higher resolution you have more pixels, more visibility than the lower resolution.
This does not imply in image quality, do not you hit or miss a shot, so little guarantee you best moves.
The higher resolution in a general way is better, because it will have a wider field of view. Have more freedom with the mouse DPI. Just stay alert with sensitivity.
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Originally Posted by cbrons View Post
Why do pros use 1024x786?
Because they are stuck in the past.
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