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Server admins - client error: Cannot join lobby, response 2!

A little workaround for a bug I’ve found that some server owners/admins are suffering with. I’ve seen hints of the issue with various other errors/outcomes but not this exact one and I can confirm it’s server side in this case, not client. Even a clean server installation of CSGO yields the same issue, so it’s a confirmed Valve problem (for me anyway).

Issue: Clients can’t reconnect to the server after dropping when no other human client is playing. As long as a human player from the original session stays on the server, the client can reconnect.

Error client receives: Failed to join session, please try again. The error persists on the same server and no other client can connect.

Debug Error (Dev Console):

Unknown command "joingame"
GameTypes: could not find matching game type "".
GameTypes: could not find matching game type "".
GamesTypes: unable to get game type and mode. Could not find type/mode matching type:/mode:
CSysSessionClient: Cannot join lobby, response 2!

Potential cause: Appears to be that the session cookie (unique) doesn’t drop on all players disconnecting the session. When a client then attempts reconnection they generate a new unique cookie and reservation request that it cannot fulfil, due to the old session state being kept. On the console, the server appears to be stuck at "Game will not start until both teams have players".

Attended workaround: Restart server (service).

Unattended workaround: Add the following to the csgo/cfg/server.cfg file:

sv_hibernate_when_empty 1 – Tells the server to use hibernation, seems to initiate action on the server.
sv_hibernate_postgame_delay 30 – Tells the server to hibernate 30 seconds after the last player disconnects.
sv_reservation_timeout 60 – Tells the server to drop the session 30 seconds after the server hibernates.

None on their own sorted my issues, I had to use all three. Appears to get the server out of its ‘stuck’ state and clients can now come and go as they please.

Hope this helps someone.

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