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Cool The Singing Maddens - AutoHotkey Script

Alright, so I was messing with the awesomeness that is Moonbase Alpha's text to speech function and thought it would be really awesome to have a script that could automatically send the various phrases and song people have put together here, directly to the chat window. That way you don't have to alt-tab a lot, not to mention getting the songs timed right so even long ones sound fluid.

Important Update:
Currently it seems the script can get you stuck or disable the mouse. This can be fixed by triggering another phrase in the game if the mouse is disabled or getting another player to run into you if stuck. I'm looking into this and will try to get it fixed soon. If all else fails (last resort) you can reinstall the game to get the mouse to work again.

What it does:
Uses Ctrl or Alt + letters pressed on your keyboard to automatically send various messages or songs to chat window.
Makes your john maddens easier and more automatic to use.

What you need:
The current version of the script.
Version 0.2 Mirror (soon)
How to run:
  1. Install Autohotkey
  2. Download and extract script to anywhere.
  3. Run MBA and get in a game
  4. Run script and hit the hotkeys (below)
  5. Right click H icon in your systray to stop/pause (use suspend) the script or w/e when done.

How to Use:
Alt + (key) is used for phrases currently.
Ctrl + (key) is used for songs with several lines you would normally have to enter, and will time each next line to make it sound as smooth as possible. This is the fun part.

Hot Keys Currently Working
Alt: b, e, f, g, m, p, s, t
Ctrl: a, d, f, i, m, n, o, p, q, r, u, w, y

Credits (song/phrase creators): Jesus Rambo, Billy Evans, Headcrab Addict, Lemon_PL
* I know i have more to add, but most of these were taken from the advanced chat thread by Headcrab, I will try to make sure I get everyone else in soon. Comments of whom i'm missing will be helpful here.

Coming Soon:
  • A-Team, extended V.
  • Proper window detection.
  • More songs/phrases
  • More tweaks to the timings of songs.
  • Video showing the script. (done 9/12)

Awesome Ideas:
A 6 man, well timed, astronaut choir using this script, each with different tones, singing some epic multi-part song.
We need some barbershop tunes to work with here.

Would love it to get some people working together on a singing group for this game, or just to get some really elaborate songs created and into this script, since there is really no limit to how far this can go.

To be continued:
I'm putting this thread up as quickly as possible, because i want to leave to go get some cigs and other provisions, but I wanted what I've done so far posted in the mean time, because i think it's really awesome so far. I'll work on things more later tonight.

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Updated to version 0.2 and added an example video link.

Changelog for the new version:
- Added Songs:
  • Call Me Maybe (ctrl+r)
  • Soviet Anthem (ctrl+o)
  • My Little Football (ctrl+f)
  • TROLOLOL (ctrl+q)
  • Spooky Scary Skeletons (ctrl+y)
  • My Little Pony (ctrl+p)
  • Snooper Mario Bros (ctrl+u)
  • John Madden Opera (alt+m)
- Updated phrase, John Madden Choir, to correct version (now alt+e)
- Various song timing tweaks

The mouse disabling bug seems to not be as bad anymore, and it is suspected it had something to do with the A-Team song, but I'm still working on testing/fixing it. Feedback would be appreciated.
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i uninstalled it because it doesnt work, now i cannot left-click menu stuff :| thank you
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Originally Posted by leam View Post
The script is a virus? Its a text file. Open it in notepad and tell me which part of the script is a virus...

Here let me do some for you:

Send {Enter} [_<1,13>]we're[_<1,18>]whalers[_<1,17]on[_<1,18>]the[_<1,20>]moon[_<400,13>]we[_<1,20>]carry[_<1,18>]a[_<1,20>]har[_<1,22>]poon {Enter}
Sleep 3200
Send {Enter} [_<1,22>]but there[_<1,23>]aint no[_<1,15>]whales[_<1,23>]so we[_<1,22>]tell tall[_<1,18>]tales and {Enter}
Sleep 2830
Send {Enter} [_<1,20>]we sing our[_<1,18>]whale[_<1,17>]ing[_<1,18>]tune {Enter}
*shakes* OMG so dastardly!!!
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Thumbs up

works absolutely fine, nice work hoping you will add more or maybe you could add a tutorial on how to add custom phrases?
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Warboss Choppa
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The MLP thing ruins it.
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Is there a list of all of the songs and the shortcuts that correspond?
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Unable to get this to work. Downloaded and installed the hotkey opened the script. Opened the game and pressed the corasponding keys. Nothing happens. Does it not work in single player or something?
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