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problems with sacred 2

So my sacred 2 fallen angel has been running very smoothly since I have followed the details of changes my fellow gamers recommended. However, recently my game for some reason is unable to show any letters or words on the screen. Normally, at the starting screen, there are options on the left hand side of the screen. But for some reasons, the words doesn't show up and when I excited the game, the word ok or cancel in their normal box has been replaced with the word "Empty loka-ID".

So beside uninstall the game and redo all the configurations again, is there another way of fixing the problems?
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I aswell had the same problems but have fixed it. I found a way to fix the error which was shown from the Officail Sacred 2 forums so i am just copying and pasting what was done.

At the installation my launcher said that the files "speechhq.zip, speechlq.zip, global.res and optionsdefault.txt" were missing and that i should verify that they are indeed in the correct folder.
at fist i ignored this and launched the game like normal, hoping that nothing would be wrong, but then i figured this is probably why there was no text in the menus.
i searched for some solutions on some forums like these, to no avail, and i tried solving it myself. with no further delay, this worked for me:

copy speechhq.zip, speechlq.zip, global.res and optionsdefault from the disk and after the installation is finished (just push ignore for the error messages during the installation).
paste them in their corresponding folders (just look how they are organized on the disk, it's pretty self-explanatory). you don't need to unpack the .zip ones by the way, they're supposed to stay that way.
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