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What does Helmet Data Recording do in Borderlands 2?

I found this item in my inventory:

Helmet Data Recording

not sure where I got it

anyway when I used it, it disappeared from my inventory but nothing seemed to happen?

anyone know what its for?
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Generally speaking, if you click on data recorders in your inventory, they play messages.
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I'm assuming you're playing as Zero, this item plays a recording of Zero from before Pandora, talking about wanting a Challenge. I haven't had a chance to try the other characters yet, i assume they all have one that gives a little tid bit from their backstory
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I haven't played BL2 yet, but in BL1, there was a screen where you could replay all of the recordings and messages you'd heard. If that was a recording and you didn't hear it for some reason, there may be a screen where you can replay it, like in BL1.
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