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What is this Runic? I've spent the past 2 hours leveling my player up 4-5 only to have it crash and bring me back to level 2.

My specs-

Nvidia Geforce 550ti
Pentium dual core 3.2 ghz
4 gb ram

I really hope this gets fixed soon because I'm missing out on a great game.
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Same exact error, when trying to enter "The Bone Gallery".

And it keeps repeating itself...

Does someone have a work-around?
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I had the same problem... luckily, it was in a "Phase Portal Challenge", and it crashed when I hit the exit portal, so I was able to loop through a dozen times and level-up a bit. It was easy money and experience, but it got tiring rather quickly.

Just delete the local data, reinstall, and everything should be fine. My game synced to the cloud after each crash, so I got to keep all of my ill-gotten gains.

After re-installing (about a half-hour download), I've had no trouble.
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Contact customerservice@runicgames.com or visit support.runicgames.com to get official help. You might also want to check the official forums for info on how to keep the Steam Cloud from screwing up your characters.
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