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Torchlight 2 and Steam Cloud

So i was playing with a friend, and her save game got corrupted somehow, and got stored into Steam Cloud, and now her game crashes constantly at startup, getting the error "Torchlight 2 has stopped working"

Anyone having same issues?
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there is an option to disable auto cloud sync.. right click the game in library then select properties and select updates tab. see if that helps launch the game.. maybe there might be a chance the local copy is fine.
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I have the same problem. I unchecked the cloud sync option but it still crashes.
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its not cause of saves, if it was it would crash when loading characters. try verifying game files or reinstalling the game
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Ok, you can delete any data on characters if you go to "User"/My Games/Runic Games/Torchlight 2/save/"Random numbers". If there are multiple you can go into the folders and it should have a document which says something like "Charactername_randomstuff" and that should help you identify which character it is. So then you can just delete that folder then tell steam to upload your local data to the steam cloud rather than download it. Hope this helps.
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