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CSGO needs to advertise ranking in-game

Right now, there's no indication of any Elo or ranking anywhere. I suspect the overall lack of knowledge about ranking causes players to not care about competitive mode as much, so that causes frequent leaving and small numbers in competitive.

I know it's a different game, but StarCraft 2 advertises ladder rankings very well. You see giant pretty league icons where you should. You see where you stand among 100 people in your division. You see match histories and your opponent's rankings. There's also dedicated website for seeing league placement. People care about the rankings and therefore continue to play more.

I'm looking at the simultaneous player search count for competitive mode and it's been around 200. I feel like that number should be way higher. If Valve implements Elo visually, there should be more players playing competitive and probably more players playing CSGO in general.

When Valve gets Elo-based matchmaking working, I hope they get around making ranking visible in some way. Simply put, help inform those that're ignorant of the system.

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