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Tips for New Players

For the free weekend, we have some meta-tips like Play Campaign first but it would be great to have some actual in-game gameplay tips as well.

So if you are having a friend play for the first time - what tips are you giving them? For campaign? For Versus?

We'll post the best on the blog.

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Stick close and don't wander off.
If you get separated, say something as soon as possible.
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"If survivors are in a saferoom, try to find another way around"
Little joke there.

I would say to them that, for versus, the key for success is to stay together and communicate, spot everything you see so you and your teammates have a better knowledge of the surrounding.
Also tell them specific map strategies, like, the downhill in dark carnival map 1. Everyone must go at the same time so no infected grabs them.
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Pay attention to your surroundings. Awareness goes a long way!
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Learn the sound the infected make, be prepared for them when you hear them.
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For Versus: don't spawn yourself as a Boomer when the survivors are far away. So many times I've seen Boomers spawn 50m behind the survivors, get killed easily or spawn 50m in front of them and get killed easily since he's noisy and slow.
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Throw molotovs or gas cans next to alarm cars to deter infected from spawning around them.

The rearmost Survivor in your group has a great vantage point for ensuring their teammates' safety. However, they are also very vulnerable. Keeping them safe keeps you safe too!

Boomed survivors are easily trapped by common infected - Spitters can effectively take advantage of this situation.

Boomer Bile can cause more problems for Survivors than it solves. Make sure fellow Survivors are equipped to take care of straggling infected.

Jumping is an effective way of avoiding Tank punches, but getting hit midair can throw you a fair distance. This can be potentially deadly during rooftop fights.
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As Su; (try to) stay together and within line of sight, be aware of where teammates are at all times, stop and clear SI attacks then move on instead of rushing the whole map, be aware of certain 'instakill' spots - some of which you may see whilst playing campaign, work as a team and share the health around if needed.

As SI; attack together and land the attacks in quick succession where possible, spit on charged survivors - not just willy-nilly.

Try not to quit by the 2nd chapter - if you're behind on points, make them up, and if you can't, stick around and take a beating, you may actually learn something.

Gas cans in scavenge are more important than teammates sometimes, and keep your eye on the clock.

Let other players know you're new to the game. The experienced players should then keep an eye on the new players and help / mentor when needed.

A lot of people moan about the community in L4D2, so why not welcome the new players with open arms, be nice to them, help them and have some fun. We have the opportunity here for a large injection of people into the playerbase, and personally, I'd like to see some stick around.
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Originally Posted by TheCombatMedic View Post
Pay attention to your surroundings. Awareness goes a long way!
This really cannot be stressed enough. Be sure to check all around you for infected and items as you move through areas, and avoid being completely out and the open where you could get surrounded quickly.
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For versus, while infected: "look at the hud and always wait x seconds for your teammates"
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Thin walls can sometimes be shot through, useful when you hear an infected or a survivor is pinned out of sight.

This is a game element I always feel should be in a formal tutorial if this game was to ever have one like TF2's. Not only is it useful, but it's one of the number one thing players not in the know accuse others of hacking for in versus.

Bile Jars alone will not distract the infected from a survivor who has been vomited on, use a Pipe Bomb or hit a strong target with your Bile Jar to lure infected away.

Just another common beginner mistake really. Might be a bit too specific for newcomers though, don't wanna overload them with information and such.

Those are the only two that jump to my head right now.

Oh, as one more thing coz I'm a total story nut for L4D - If you want to enjoy the Left 4 Dead story in the chronological order, play the campaigns in this order:

No Mercy
Crash Course
Death Toll
Dead Air
Blood Harvest
(Read The Sacrifice comic on the L4D website here!)
The Sacrifice

Dead Center
The Passing
Dark Carnival
Swamp Fever
Hard Rain
The Parish

However, it is worth mentioning that Dead Center is the best campaign to play first from a gameplay perspective, as it contains all of the elements of L4D2 introduced carefully. No Mercy was of course, originally designed with L4D1 in mind.

If you want to enjoy the story but want a well-tailored first gameplay experience, I would recommend playing Dead Center, then heading back to No Mercy and playing in chronological order. But if you insist on enjoying the story in the right order, there's not too much to lose by starting with No Mercy anyway. It's a fantastic campaign even if it doesn't have everything from L4D2's general gameplay.

(Finally, "Cold Stream" is a semi-community developed campaign and is non-canon, can be enjoyed anytime).

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If/when you're Boomed on, find the nearest corner or wall and let your teammates know that you're about to be horded.
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Press F1 or F2 to vote.

Sound is just as important as visuals.

Attack together as Special Infected.

Attack together as Special Infected.

Attack together as Special Infected.
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Look after your team-mates, going solo will get you killed.

(Even useless fps players can be an asset in L4D2 if they understand how important team work is.)
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Thumbs up Stay in your group

Many tips but most important one is,


2) Don't go walk the dog half way the game


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