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Question "gta-vc.exe Has Stopped Working"

I am encountering an issue with my Steam copy of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The issue arises whenever I am loading the game. More specifically, whenever the opening credits sequence starts, or as soon as a key is struck, the game crashes, resulting in the message, "gta-vc.exe has stopped working" being displayed. I have attempted multiple fixes to address the problem, but none so far have worked. These include:
Attempting to add the file to DEP;
Attempting to edit the .exe file to allow for Windows XP / 7 compatibility (I'm using 7);
Verifying local cache;
And uninstalling and reinstalling numerous times.
The most interesting thing here, however, is that I appear to be completely missing the .exe file somehow! Whenever I attempt to access it, it simply says that the file cannot be found. This issue is not addressed, no matter how many times I verify the cache or reinstall the game.
If someone could please offer advice to me regarding this issue, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
P.S., I should note that I apparently have two copies of the game in my library (?!), and that one tells me that it is not available on my current platform. That version also has a much, much lower number of Hub contributions shown (213 as opposed to 15,480).

EDIT: Upon closer inspection, I do, in fact, have the .exe file. I didn't notice it at first due to its lack of the ".exe" directory. However, it lacks a compatibility section under "Properties", making compatibility setting checks apparently moot.

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reset all settings of compatibility mode and dep, and set disable desktop compositions and visual themes.
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Thank you for your help.
I am rather embarrassed to admit this, but it turns out I simply could not find the compatibility section earlier -- it was there. Upon switching compatibility to "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)", the problem was solved.
Nonetheless, had it not been for your advice, I would not have checked the file properties again, so thank you very much for the prompt help
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