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2: Best and worst gun manufacturers

May contain minor spoilers eventually.

Put opinions here about 2's gun manufacturers. Your favourite, your least favourite?

As for me:

Winner: Jakobs.
Was underused and boring to me in the first game. The lack of elements reduces variety by a whole lot, but I still find these guns fun and varied. Their assault rifles, especially those with that big round clockwork magazine are just awesome, love that reload. I like the gatling guns which shoot 3 bullets per trigger pull. Revolvers and shotguns fun to use but the latter is difficult to compare to other shotguns. As for snipers, mostly a winner. My main char is a gunzerker which uses Jakobs rarely due to the pull the trigger mechanic which is bad for some of his skills, but still fun to me.

Loser: Torgue
ARs and Pistols feel very similar. Shotguns are okay but all of them feel very much the same. RL's are powerful but again, mostly feel the same, and have very little variety in stats. Taking away elements from this one was quite crippling in my opinion. Sure the explosions are fun and help against shielded nomads but it gets old really fast. If anyone can show examples of different subtypes within weapon type for Torgue, go ahead cause I really cannot. Consuming different amount of ammunitions still feel the same, mostly.
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Hyperian is the worst, almost all thier weapons have horrible recoil.

the rest of the brands I don't really have a issue with and I personally love the Torque Explosive weapons (Pistol, Shotgun, or AR)

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Why is everyone misspelling it "Torque"?
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Winner: Tediore
There's nothing more cool than throwing your gun at someone you hate!
Also killing strong enemies with a bunch of flying SMGs is pretty damn cool (better have someone with a hoarder mod on your team).

Loser: Hyperion
Their clip is way too low for their effect, it's nice to snipe with an SMG, but then I can just use another sniper instead.
I heard shotguns from them are nice, but I never used any of them.

Bandit is also nice for their high clip, especially when you play Maya with Wreck, Suspension and Sub-Sequence maxed.
Cover the bandits in a never ending rain of bullets, reload when they're all dead!
(Having a gunzerker on your team for ammo is highly recommended.)

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To be honest, there isn't a "best" manufacturer, there's a time and a place for everything but not now.

I forgot Dahl, hate burst fire, so bad I forgot they existed lol

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Yeah, Hyperion shotguns are good, but I hate everything else from them. especially sniper rifles.

Dahl is also near bottom on my list.

My personal favorite is Maliwan. Tediore reload is also awesome.
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Favorite: Maliwan
"Get a Maliwan, and light some people on FIRE!"
That was probably my single favorite line in BL1.
Maliwas was slightly nerfed in BL2, since it lost shotguns and ARs. Wait. Did it even have ARs in BL1? I can't recall, hahaha
Anyway. Pistols have smaller magazines, often only firing 3 times before reload.
Maliwan's still awesome, and my favorite. I don't really care much for the SMG design, they look like toys, but pistols and snipers are awesome-looking. I love how the elemental-colored parts blink when you reload.

Worst: Dahl
I HATE burst-fire. It ruins EVERY SINGLE WEAPON Dahl makes. I've once found an AWESOME (high damage, fire rate, reload...) x2 burning AR, but it was borderline useless because of the burst fire.

Special mention: Torgue
It was originally on my "least favorite" category, but I felt it was unfair. Torgue offer some GREAT weapons (if you ignore their pistols, that is), and its only flaw is lack of variety. If they managed to make elemental torgues, I'd reckon it'd be a MUCH more interesting brand (elementals as in deal explosive and corrosive/burning/eletric/slag damage)
I'd also LOVE to see what a torgue sniper would look and behave like hahahaha
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Best: Close tie between Jakobs and Bandit for me. They're really opposites, Jakobs with high fire rate and low clips, Bandits with huge clips and low fire rates. Bandit ARs are really freakin' awesome. I use an E-Tech one with x2 slag. With class mods and skills it has about 350 bullets in a clip. Jakobs are great too, high damage and an itchy trigger finger can dish out a lot of damage real quick, but slow reload speed can cripple you.

Worst: Its gotta Dahl for me. Low recoil is great on everything, but burst fire ruins guns that low recoil would make great: Sniper rifles. Burst fire absolutely sucks on snipers, especially when one shot will kill most enemies.
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Winner: Everyone except the one I'm going to list as loser. I feel like almost every manufacturer has some crap and some awesome weapon types.

Loser: Bandit. Unless you're Gunzerker (and need a huge capacity for gunzerking), the extra ammo capacity is almost always outweighed by either a really long reload time or just crappy stats. I initially liked their weapons but as the game goes on they just don't serve a purpose.

Oh and Hyperion Snipers on Zer0 are perfectly useable weapons.
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Maliwan sniper rifle FTW
Torque AR with explosive damage
DAHL corrosion pistol
Bandit Shotgun

Hyperian guns are pure pants, site sway and recoil are horrid, and by the time the stabilizer kicks in, the clips empty anyway.
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I wish they didn't give Maliwan practically ALL the elemental weapons. I bet if the other manufacturers had more elemental weapons available they wouldn't be so bad.
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As anyone ever shot a vladof sniper? There awesome vladof for best fire rate and i want to mention jacobs for there revolvers fires as fast as you can pull the trigger thats genius.

Worst.dahl seriously burst fire on all there guns thats stupid.and atlas seriously one little explosion in there weapons cache and the pull out of the planet? What a bunch of !
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Wow Dahl haters

Zerker + dahl sniper + 5 shots or 6 = 30+ shots.

Hipfiring dahl sniper = jakobs AR without the horrendous recoil.

And if ya don't like the burst, just unzoom.
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My favorite is either Jakobs, or Maliwan. I love revolvers, and the Jakobs style, and the semi-automatic mechanism is just great. Maliwan - they look so cool, the SMGs like toy guns, and the Sniper rifles even look bionic, also elemental damage.

My least favorite: Dahl. As it has been mentioned before, burst fire. I also dislike Torgue, but that's mainly because of the gyrojet ammo, hard to get its maximum damage output unless you get close, also their pistols suck.
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Best: Maliwan

Worst: Torgue overall (launchers are epic though)
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