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Steam Games for netbooks

My netbook is pretty weak considering how long i had it. My specs are on this site. I'm sure that this place provides more info than i can give you.


Heck it even some flash games have some lag.

I don't mind what you guys suggest; shooters, platformers, RPG, dating sims. Just put what you think is fun and believe it will work according to my specs. I will also accept games outside of steam, but i think that goes against steam rules.

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Honestly athropods I did try but looking at your GPU alone told me I was on a failed mission, the second hit in google was
Is the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 Good for Anything??

And that's from 6 years ago, There's other drawbacks (memory, processor) and you really need to face it this is not a gaming system. I've no doubt some games will run (not many) but they will be the older games (+4 years at least) and anything graphic intensive will bomb out.

You could look at the original Doom Games (I & ][ not 3) though I'm not sure if they're available separately since the release of Doom3 BFG and the earlier Quake games and there will be a few others but take a close look at the system requirements before you dive in.

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Not much is going to run on that. Torchlight 'kinda' does in netbook mode.

You can do things like Dungeons of Dreadmor tho
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Agreed on all the statements of how this is a non-gaming pc. But I'm sure that there is this one game that was entertaining in the 2000s that you all like that I should be able to run at lowest settings. Online flash games will work too, it doesn't necessarily have to be steam, unless it goes against forum rules. Lulz
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Cool Games that run.

Sorry to bump an old post but here it goes....

Hello, I use a netbook and mine runs flawlessly! Mine has Intel atom n450 1.66ghz (dual core) and 1.00gb of ram with Intel GMA 3150. I play minecraft (24 fps) Portal 1 (60 fps) Half life 2 (40-50 fps) and finnaly Portal 2 (6-10 fps with pixel shader).

Hope this helps!

-John Panos

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Sneaky Bear
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Under 60 FPS is flawlessly? Debatable.
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