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How to Take Screenshots (Also works on other non-Steam overlay friendly games)

Unfortunately, the eXceed games and the Steam overlay don't get along so well, so it's not possible to take screenshots with the overlay as usual. Fortunately there is a workaround (emphasis on the word 'work') that you can use.

Here goes:

a) Identify the AppID of the game from below:
eXceed GBC AppID: 207370
eXceed2nd VR AppID: 207380
eXceed3rd JPBP AppID: 207400
b) Take all the screens you need. (PrintScr, use Camtasia, FRAPS, etc.)
c) Close Steam.
d) Create the AppID folder in the following file path: Program Files\Steam\userdata\X(number may vary)\760\remote
e) Create a "screenshots" folder inside 214610. Inside screenshots create a folder called "thumbnails".
f) Each screenshot is named with the date and a number. Structure is year-month-date: 2012-XX-XX_00001.jpg.
g) Create the thumbnails for your screens! Thumbnails resolution size is 200x150. Screenshots need a thumbnail. They retain the same file name as the full size screenshot.
h) Open Steam again. Let is synchronise and scan your files. Open your screenshots folder. Voilá! The newly taken screenshots will be there, ready to be uploaded to the cloud so you can carry them everywhere!

Good luck! This steps will be useful for other games that fail to take screenshots or have problems too.
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Very helpful! Thank's a lot!
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