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Unhappy Unable to login to steam via any browser

Hi, I hope this is in the correct forum spot.

I'm tearing my hair out with Steam at the moment. I have the Steam client installed on my PC (Windows 7) and laptop (OS X) and am able to logon to either with no problems. I know what my username is and I don't autosave the password so I know that too. However, I cannot for the life of me login to Steam via any browser on either system. Chrome, Firefox, IE & Safari all return logon incorrect details and I *know* I have entered my details correctly. Then I get into catchpa nightmare territory, which is driving me mad.

I have even reset my password just so that I can be 200% sure I'm entering it correctly but no joy! I need to update my credit card details and the only way to do this is by logging in via a browser but no joy. I have the same problem when trying to use the Steam app on my phone (Android).

Anyone else had this problem, any suggestions? I'm in the UK but I don't see why that should affect things.

Bit peeved as I was hoping to pre-order Hitman. Short of creating a new account I don't see any solution at the moment.

Thanks if anyone can shed any light.
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i know this doesn't help with your problem, but i'm suffering from a similar problem and i think our issues might be related. i can normally log into my steam account, but can't log into any sites that require you to sign in through steam (tf2outpost, backpack.tf and so on). i keep getting a blank screen everytime i do that. i've tried every browser but it didn't help.
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