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Question Far Cry 3 How to play?


I am a complete beginner confused by what power do not understand the gameplay FAR CRY third Can you please help?

I had some basic questions about the game Far Cry 3, and how should I play it and not be so much of everything confused?

I would begin with the following:

1) yellow exclamation marked on the map are the main mission?
2) how many weapons can I carry? How can I extend the free space for more weapons? So far, I have only one free tables for example, one weapon: pistol or AK 47
3) How much money can you carry? So far I can only carry their 1000 / $ 1000 : (
Can I expand more space to expand the budget more money?
4) Maps are too expensive second level maps is over 1500 U.S. dollars when you can carry a maximum of only 1,000 can buy another map : (
5) How can I open up your skills and expand more space so I can carry more stuff?
6) It is available in the game some inventory Pharmaceutical, vaccines and other things? How do I activate inventory and how do I use?
7) What are the red flags on the map and transmitters?
8) In the second part of the island on a hill in osamocém house where he is a professor and wife Daisy of me does not appear in the bottom corner of the map even after round stiskuní keys: M where me and paths ztezek indicator blank. Only shows me the logo (map legend) otherwise the map is empty in dark blue: (
It will probably need to buy new maps but $ 1,500 so far I can not carry them : (
9) Can I carry with me more ammunition than 60 rounds? If so, how it spread?

I need to explain the basic principles for the proper use of the game

Thank you in advance
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1. Yes
2,3. Check your crafting menu (up to 4 weapons, $10000 cash)
4. I never bother with maps, but craft a bigger wallet to carry more cash
5. Do story missions
6. When you craft a drug, it asks you to assign it to a hotkey, 7 and 8 I think.
7. Can't remember offhand, but press Left Alt on the map to see a legend
8. Daisy is your brother's girlfriend. Look for a black area on the map near the house, that shows there's a cave. She's in there.
9. Crafting menu - craft ammunition pouches

Check the Handbook in the ingame menu for more.
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The game does explain all of this in the first few missions.

1.) Yes

2.) You start off with 1 and can unlock more.

3.) $1000 to start but you can increase it.

4.) Maps are useless, at least for me.

5.) You need to hunt animals for their hides. You then use them to craft upgrades.

6.) Press Esc to pause and all your options are at the top.

7.) Red Flags are pirate bases and the transmitters are radio towers.

8.) Not a question? I think...

9.) Yes.

Seriously, read the tutorial
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