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Can Borderlands 2 Mac players play with PC players?

I've read couple of topics, that said - on release Mac version was a bit desync with PC version, so Mac players was playing only with Mac players. But Aspyr media swear that they'll get synced Mac and PC version soon, so Mac + PC gamers will play together, is this happen already?

P.S. Anyway I bought this game, and will play it on Mac. But I wish to play with my friends who use PC.
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I would assume they can yes, only way to find out is to join your friends in an online private game.
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Surely we can join Mac users, it's not like playing with console users where we have to wait 10 seconds for them to aim or turn around, you Mac users will be on the ball as much as us so hopefully there'sno reason to keep us apart

Happy Christmas!

Ps. Just to be safe, do what I asked on another thread, back up your saves before online play if you gonna play with randoms just so all your hours spent on your character don't get screwed up by joining a dodgy server.
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According to PC Gaming Wiki, "Borderlands 2 supports cross platform between Mac and PC versions of the game through Steam, but they both have to have the same version of the game. Mismatch issues might be caused by delayed Mac versions of the patches."
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The Mac App version does NOT support cross-platform online play though. Keep that in mind.
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