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"missing executable", redownloads entire game?

So I've had Borderlands 1 (yes, the FIRST one. why #2 doesn't have its own forum I dunno...) installed just fine for a long while. I used the Borderlands Config Editor 2.14 to change my fov and such, as I have with every other Borderlands 1 install I've done (many times on several computers) since the game came out. However, this time I go to run Borderlands again and Steam says it can't launch the game because of a "missing executable". I check the Borderlands folder, and everything is there. I even tell Steam to launch it by clicking on Borderlands.exe in the Borderlands folder, and Steam says the executable is still missing. I go to verify the local files, and Steam starts redownloading the entire game! Yes, right on top of the already existing game installation. :-/
Has anyone else encountered this problem? Did an update make the Config Editor not work?
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Not with this particular game. I tried copying a game from my laptop to desktop, and one file got corrupted, so it redownloaded the whole thing.

I'm sure there is a reason the whole game redownloads when one file gets compromised. If it wasn't to protect against something, i'm sure steam would love to save the bandwidth.
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Sorry to resurrect an almost month-old thread, but I had difficulty with some 'missing executable' errors I came across after I tried copying my steamapps folder from my old computer to my new one. In the game folders I could see the .exe file right there, but Steam still had the error.

Verifying the game cache said that some files needed to be redownloaded, but every time I did that it would start downloading the entire game again, and then it would get stuck on 100%.

Long story short the way I stumbled upon fixing it was by right clicking and going 'delete local content', and then clicking 'install'. Now instead of downloading the entire game again, it said 'discovering existing files' or something like that, and then it downloaded something very small. The games then launched totally fine after that.

I'm not sure if this will work for you but it worked for the games I had that wouldn't launch.
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