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Where is this save file?

Not the one under /my documents/my games/darksiders 2/
Not the one under steam/userdata/50650/
Not the one under steam/steamapps/common/darksiders 2/

I want the save file that keeps saying I've finished the game already and unlocked nightmare mode. The save file that automatically logs me into THQ community. Where is it?

I used Steam Achievement Manager to remove all achievements, deleted all known save files, and after that I uninstalled the game, then reinstalled. The game still has nightmare mode unlocked from a fresh start. I'm trying to get crow armor set back.

Don't tell me crow armor isn't worth it etc. and you get better armor with better stats etc. etc. Just tell me where this save file is so I can delete it and restart completely fresh. Thanks.

Oh yah I even tried deleting all save files right between me clicking darksiders 2 and the game actually popping up. Works with other games.

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/my documents/my games/darksiders 2/Your steam id number /
steam/userdata/50650/remote /

Did you Disable steam cloud ? If not game still loads from steam cloud .There are two places for steam cloud one from game settings and one from steam settings ,you may need to disable both until problem fixed

If you still cant find search your computer with '' *.dsav '' without quetes

Edit: added link http://www.cheathappens.com/show_boa...17859&onPage=2

Crow armor set one per account gift from THQ http://community.darksiders.com/go/t...r_Set_Giveaway!

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Wow helpful. Ty. Good Show old chap! Works. Still automatically logging into thq website. Gonna delete entire userdata/darksiders 2 folder.

BTW where do you disable steam cloud ingame like you were talking about?

Ok that didn't work for THQ still keeping me logged in when I run the game. How do I get the game to stop connecting me to THQ?

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Did you manage to get the Crow Armor again and, if so, how? I'm also trying to get it again after losing my original save file.

You might want to try this also: http://community.darksiders.com/go/t...8731/29452465/
I don't know if they're restoring them still, though, I haven't heard from them yet.

Also, I'm not sure, but I don't think you can stop connecting to THQ after your first log in, as your Steam and THQ IDs become linked and it's automatic from then on.
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No haven't tried the legit link method. I believe that the emails are sent with the game itself already. I couldn't get it back. Even destroying all save files in all directories associated with darksiders 2. It seems only way is the link or buy a new game.

You go to THQ website and go to account, settings, then unlink/link account option is there.
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