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Bluedragons Final message

Hello Evil Tendencies here, For those of you whom are familiar with me I am sure the title of this thread comes as no suprise. Ive been called everything from the King of trolls. To the biggest on the planet & the CEO of illuminati from the Kfloor community. But this time I am not here to recruit nor argue with anyone. So without further ado...

Contray to my behavior & perhaps my own words withen the past, I enjoyed Killing Floor. Maybe not enough to call myself hardcore like many of you. But enough, that I played it without any purpose other then entertainment. I racked up 2500+ hours so let that speak for itself. But with the introduction of these new weapons & a number of other things. I find myself questioning tripwires current direction. If any of you recall I warned Yoshiro withen the past not to become like EA perhaps I jinxed it. Space guns, IJN, Speed & other unnecessary buffs, SPACE GUNS!? Most if not all of these weapons are not only unnecessary. But make almost all of the original weaponary an early add-ons redundant & not worth purchaseing "ever".

I used to defend the beserker as a balanced class before the IJN update. Perhaps I was wrong about a few points but I still stand by what I said then. But I can no longer stand by that opinion & keep a straight face. A buzz bow? Secondary damage for all weapons? a speed increase for the claymore? Nothing short of all 32 zeds that can spawn at any given time. Spawning atop my head can kill me on a 6+ player hoe server now. It's boring, repetitive & pointless to play as beserker inless you purposefully handicap yourself. But this brings me to my next problem because thats exacly what I did handicaped myself. Or I kited/Camped as a different class.

But, now I come accross numerous level six players who are indescribably terrible at playing. An only recently did I find out that the white-list was removed to allow power-leveling! So now, if I try to play anything other then beserker I have level six sharpshooters body-shotting fleshpounds. Beserkers throwing grenades & kiting incorrectly. An it's just an absolute disaster more often then not. An if it's not that then they are trolls who block the trader. They steal cash/weapons, Or behave like twelve years old with mental problems. Naturally I either ban or get them killed, but whats the point? they are immediately replaced an I cannot even enjoy the game with friends anymore.

What happened to the DLC in this game by the way? Cosmetic? The price has slowly increased steadily whilst the value & quality has lessened. 4 characters for three dollars or so, I think thats about right im not sure. Now they are "Special" characters that cost the same. Thats not even mentioning the eight dollar golden weapon pack last I checked anyway. I may be wealthy but I dont waste money.

But ive gone on long enough I doubt many of you will give a damn that I am making myself scarce. However there are a few of you out there who enjoyed my company or my servers. An maybe even those of you who werent to fond of me may feel a bet of nostalgia one day. I cannot however continue playing this game while it's in this state. If you frequented my servers, then I am sorry to inform you. That by the end of the month I am taking them down. I might check back in every now & again but after the next few days. I doubt ill be returning even for events inless a drastic change is made. I apologize but my recruitment efforts on this game & withen it's community dwindled a long time ago. An the entertainment value I recieved has unfortunately gone with it. I hope that I am not the only one who is left that feels this way. Or I am concerned not only for kfloor but the future of gaming in general. Because despite my occupations & reasons despite that I may of become bitter & rich. I am still a gamer an I remember the games I grew up with. An I hate to see those games or any contenders go in this direction.

PS I recommend all of you purchase pay-day The Heist It is similiar to the old Killing Floor. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197985720559

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ggs. i didnt get to say that as i got disconnected. that other guy with us was pretty decent considering he had a higher ping. i tried to save him on that last wave in hospitalhorrors but i guess he thought we were going to backtrack when that FP came along.

but anyways, there are way better gaming experiences to be had other than KF so at least enjoy that aspect about being a gamer
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Another veteran leaving.

The way things are going, the game is going to be noob central within a few weeks.

Gl BD512
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Looking at the perspective of player that only had 100+ hours in game,

Personally, its still enjoyable to me, yes, lots of out-of-theme weapons on store now, but i just giggled at it. I dont know, maybe me and my friends are just careless.

Yes, some people who have gold star join in, and die at early waves or even wave 1. But not that much in my time zone, at normal and hard diff. Me and my friends just sighing and consider we use fake player mutator.

If its random public server with random people, personally i just hope for the best, ready for the worst.

I still found lots of good people in there, either people who know what they're doing, or total newbies who is willing to learn. Yes, some people are just plain jerk or deaf or cant read, but its expected i think.

If we really want a good, serious game, we look for an empty server and fill all of the available slot at the same time.

About the DLC pricing, yes, it is annoying to see the inflation. But again, most of the time i just careless. I'll buy it when its 75% off though.
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Originally Posted by tjstolk View Post
Read it like a man you lazy worm.
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Gordon Feelsman
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Ok bye, Im not going to miss you and I dont really care

(payday is like KF? lolk)

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Mod your own KF server to your liking (back to original state). /End Thread
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Originally Posted by BlunTman View Post
Mod your own KF server to your liking (back to original state). /End Thread
I wonder why those vets don't think of the modding community... oh wait, whitelist do restrict some of that. Honestly, a game with a strong modding community is what keeps it alive. Give props to those who make mods. Maybe if someone wants, work up a hardcore mode mutator and get that whitelisted.

Originally Posted by FrostyByte View Post
If we really want a good, serious game, we look for an empty server and fill all of the available slot at the same time.
I also sometimes host or have someone host a private listen server for a good serious game with some friends. No randoms behind a passworded server. There's no need to complain about newbs if there's multiple people who share the same mindset and can go behind a lock server.
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