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FAQ for running Steam on Linux

After reading many threads of people complaining about having issues I've decided to help out the community (a rare thing nowadays). If you think of anything else useful, please post it below and I'll do my best to add it to the main post.


Q: I keep getting the "wrong architecture 'i386'" error.
A: Open up the terminal (it's like Window's command prompt) and paste these commands in:

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
sudo apt-get update

It will prompt for a password (the one you made for your account) and download/install the component you need (The error, I believe, is because you're missing it).

Q: Do I have to use Ubuntu?
A: Nope. VALVe recommend Ubuntu because they tested it for the games in the first place. I for one use Mint (since it looks and almost behaves like Windows, making the occasional transition between windows and linux a doddle). Mint is also built on Ubuntu and will use the same libraries (most of the time).

Q: can you help me with installing it?
A: If you're using Virtual box or any other methods, there's plenty of YouTube videos out there showing you how. I haven't personally tried (and may need clarification here) but I'm not entirely sure TF2 will launch within a virtual box. As I said, I'm going to need clarification with this.

If you want a more *permanent* solution and have the HDD space, many Linux installers (if run within Windows) have the option to "run along side windows". This will partition a piece off your HDD and install Linux in it's own area away from Windows (useful for virus scans etc). The downside of this being, Windows will read that partition as corrupted since Windows can't read EXT partitions (while linux can read both EXT and NTFS- meaning Linux can read windows partitions).

Q: I'm still getting errors when installing through the Software Centre
A: Try the method detailed here. It too uses the terminal (just copy-paste the commands in and it should work).

If you can think of anything else (any issues you've had and managed to fix) please post it here so I can add it.

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