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Steam Servers down....

Guys at valve. at this point of the evolution of steam you have to setup as many servers as facebook, google and wtf else...

steam must be online 24/7/365!!! NOTHING ELSE- there have to be backup servers.

we paid for our games. we want to play them anytime. in europe its primetime and we can't start any game...

this suck. you are making millions of money...buy more server farms NOW!
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Steam is up, but it looks like there's a backend configuration issue with a few of the Orange Box games. It's not to do with server availability. CS:GO or most of the other games you have should work fine.
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I must say this announcement wasn't very easy to find, but I guess this is the reason why suddenly CSS says it needs to download stuff, but then it can't find a server where it can download from:

We're going to reboot a couple Steam servers today, Monday, March 11th, 2013 at approximately 16:00PDT (GMT-0700). The maintenance should not have any impact on any services, but be aware in case there's a blip.

Also, we're doing a service update tomorrow, Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 at 16:00 PDT (GMT-0700). This update should not impact game play for most users, but Steam chat, game lobbies, matchmaking, and community web features will be unavailable. Content downloads may be temporarily interrupted. Certain multiplayer games that aggressively check for an active Steam connection may also be affected.
Note, 16:00 PDT = 00:00 GMT + 1 (midnight). Perhaps they started early...
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