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CS:GO Competitive cool down unfair.

Hey my fellow CS GO players! Im greatly pi**ed off at the competitive cool down/ban system. I am currently abroad in a small european country, which means Im essentially in a really bad area for gaming due to the internet connection. I also have a bad internet and currently a pretty bad pc. My PC sometimes randomly shuts down and my internet does occasionally fail on me. If either of those things happen to me, Id get a cool down for sure because i wouldnt be able to reconnect in time. I think 5 minutes is too short if you get timed out. Trust me, even with a good internet connection and a good PC, it would take more than 5 minutes to turn your pc back on, wait for steam to update, sign in, and launch cs go. I think its totally unfair. I got banned 3 times this week due to either my PC or my internet failing on me. I only got banned these 3 times, i never intentionally abandoned a match. Personally i think the way to solve this is to make 2 different countdowns depending on how you abandon the match. If you press disconnect from the menu screen then it should give you 5 minutes to rejoin, if you time out (internet turns off, pc failes on you, etc.) It should give you 20 minutes to rejoin. I really want a fix to this and i cant handle being banned and losing the match because of me having technical difficulties. Now ive been banned for a day..... I also have a question, how does the cool down time reset? If you dont get banned for a long period of time will it reset? or will it reset if you complete the cool down "course" (1 hour, 2 hours, 1 day, etc,)?

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