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Hammer fix after steampipe

Just wanted to know if there is a new way to set up hammer since the Steampipe update. I have been using it in hl2mp mode. Since the Steampipe update, it will not work. Please help.
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Another thread here talking about the same thing:


I am only guessing because its not referenced directly in this thread:


but if the setup will mimic CS:GO, L4D2 etc then follow the suggestions I made at the end...

EDIT *I just updated DoD to see what happens. For the moment it seems there are no provisions to install the SDK directly, although the setup is basically the same as CS:GO etc. I tried to configure hammer to work out of the new locations, but without sucess. It may just be a case of waiting for Valve to get this sorted out... maybe once all the games have been piped (up to Tf2 later this month) they will then update the SDK for all. I think for the moment if you can make do with it in hl2mp mode the do so... its possible to add extra fdg files to any hammer setup to get the entity definitions.

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