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Game in Library stuck on "Installing"

I tried to re-install M&B Warband earlier today, and it got stuck on the "preparing to install" screen.

So I tried to cancel it but that didn't seem to work. Because on the left hand side of my library list the game is stuck in the "Installing" phase (doesn't install or download the game at all).

Trying to delete the local game files for M&B Warband in its now "Installing" State freezes my Steam client and prompts some kind of update when restarting Steam. Trying to close the steam client makes it get stuck on "Stopping the download process for M&B Warband" process.

Here's what I have tried to fix it:

-Checking my Steamapps folders to see if there is an existing M&B Warband folder (there isn't).
-Checking my Steamapps/download folder to see if there are any ongoing downloads (there isn't).
- Re-install Steam by deleting everything except steamapps and Steam.exe (same problem persists, also friend avatars no longer show up properly in friendlist).

It's times like this that I truly feel bothered by the notion that such an unstable program is handling my entire game library. I have also tried to switch my download region but it won't let me since it prompts a steam client restart, a restart that doesn't happen because Steam always gets stuck on trying to stop downloading Mount & Blade Warband (which actually isn't being downloaded or installed).
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Update as well bump to clarify a few things:

Steam seems to think this game is installed, because this is what it looks like in the library as well as its properties screen:

Library Status:


Steam Game Properties Screen:


As you can see here the game is stuck in a "Installing" State, and Steam seems to think it's fully installed and occupying 2Gbs of storage on my harddrive.

But we click on "Open Local Files" to the game's install directory in my computer and this is what comes up:


As we can see here the game actually is NOT installed.

And like I said previously deleting that folder and everything else other than Steam.exe and steammapps and letting Steam re-intall does absolutely nothing.
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Run Steam as admin...

Add your Steam folder to your antivirus/internet security software exception list...

Boot your computer into Safe Mode with Networking and run Steam and test...

Delete the .acf file related to the game...

Use a network cable instead of a wireless connection...

Change your download region...

Try using a public DNS server...

Otherwise, your computer/Steam client/ISP/modem/router died...
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