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Steam Wont Download COH2 beta anymore

I dont know if this is the correct forum for this thread but I couldn't find the COH2 forum.

So I bought COH2 about a week ago and everything was working fine until a few days ago, when it told the executable was missing when I tried to launch. I thought to myself, maybe Steam is having some difficulty locating the COH2 directory, so I went into the files and made sure everything was alright, which it was other than the .exe missing, and gave Steam a restart for good measure. So after restarting steam, which helped none, I uninstalled and reinstalled COH2, which finished in about 20 seconds, which was a bit shocking. Looked at the downloads window and noticed that COH2 was only 96 MBs, a bit on the light side of the actual COH2 beta, which was said to be 11446 MB, according to Steam.

This has been like this for days, I bought the game ahead of time so I could play the beta, but now it doesnt seem to work, any help would be much appreciated.
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The closed beta ended yesterday.

Relic has said that they would be having an open beta closer to launch, but for now it seems the game is unavailable.

Pretty annoying, I know!

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As Henrikk mentioned, the current beta period for Company of Heroes 2 has ended.

Please check the game’s official site for further information on upcoming beta periods:
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