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Steam Summer Sale 2013


What games do you want this year? Will the sale get close to matching Amazon's?

Will there even be a big, 10 day sale like in previous years? There isn't the usual gap in releases in June/July to facilitate it this year. Maybe 13-23 June? As afterwards comes:

June 25 Company of Heroes 2 & Deadpool
July 9 Civilization V: Brave New World

And recently at least, no PC games have been released on Steam during a sale. Or maybe it will be as late as 11-21 July this year.
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I am waiting for a sale on Civ 5 Gold. Amazon currently has a bundle sale, but I don't want the rest games in the bundle so...
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Hmm, i would really like, Black ops 1 DLC off, maybe The walking dead and Metro Last Light
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Borderlands 2 Season Pass.
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Tripping the Light Fantastic

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose..
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