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Left 4 Dead 2 Beta? Why? And what is it?


After 6 month break I played Left 4 Dead 2 second Since yesterday I have L4D2 downloaded and installed again. I noticed in my library my of games that recently added entry: Left 4 Dead 2 Beta. Is it a surprise to me. But now I do not know and I'm confused. What is Left 4 Dead 2 Beta?
While I have long been in the past purchased Left 4 Dead 2 I have now is like twice as if L4D2 Beta is not something new or DLC??
I'd like an explanation of what the Beta version is?
Because we found that L4D2 Beta gigabyte I have almost the same size as L4D2
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Tyrant vs Tank
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More or less this is what it is...

1. Testing ground for the new 'Enhanced Mutation System'
2. Testing ground for Linux
3. Testing ground for bugfixes that they first plan on fixing in the beta, then transferred/merged into the L4D2 default build
4. It offers some new mutations off the bat including L4D1 Coop/VS (Right now just a loose interpretation IMO)

As well some completely new mutations that I imagine are the new survivalish modes that they were talking about trying last summer.

5. Eventually the beta will be removed/merged into L4D2.
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