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How to get steam back online?

I'm trying to get Steam back online. That bluescreen keeps coming on and says You are not online and there is an option to go online or stay offline. If I click to go online seems like nothing happens.
If I click to stay offline then I get options to return to the desktop or restart and other options.
I'm trying to fix my railworks files but I think bacause I'm not online nothing happens, the window that shows progress just sits there and nothing happens.

Anyone know what's going on?

I still can run Railworks so maybe everything is just fine.

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Have you tried exiting Steam, then restarting it? Also, it can take time for Steam to react when you click on go on line. Little slow sometimes.
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The other trick is to copy/rename the clientregistry.blob file (move it to a safe place) in the STEAM folder and that will allow steam to rebuild itself. If anything goes awry you still have the original.
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