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Spore won't run

So, I contacted the Steam Support about this problem. The community forum is full of threads about this error.
But everybody (Valve and EA) gives a damn about our problems.
It is not possible to play the game anymore. When trying to start it an error occurs: "The data directory is missing or corrupt"
This problem is happening to many players:

And guess what? Nobody cares! No patch, nothing.

Would please someone so kind and do anything? I want to play Spore. I purchased it and paid for it, so I want to use it.

And pardon, I am a little jarateed of how costumers are treaten with their problems. You are really alone when problems occur...

Found something interesting:
go to ea.com, install Origin, contact their support online and tell them, its a known common fault and they will give you spore for free, also grab your CD key from steam also, you'll need to give them that..

Smells like is not a uknown fault and EA wants more players to use their Origin... Valve would you please so kind and get involved to that problem?

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Don't count on Valve to help you on Spore with support. They don't care on old games.

Instead, go to http://forum.spore.com/jforum/forums/list.page and post your thread there.
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