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"Failed to start game (unknown error)."

I'm at my wits end. I installed the game and from the start got this error every time I tried to launch the game. I tried everything, including verifying the game files, installing Steam Beta and reinstalling the game (multiple times). Finally, a complete reinstall of Steam fixed it for the first few times, but now it's back.

If I go right to the .exe, I can launch the game but it says something about "-insecure." I forget the exact language. I then can't connect to the VAC servers, but can move around the game menus.

I found only one other thread of this exact issue but no answers from it. Steam support has been silent so far.

ANY IDEAS?!?! Thank you!

Windows 8 x64
AMD HD 7950 w/ 13.4 drivers
current stable release of Steam
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second wind
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Same thing for me. I reinstalled Steam, reinstalled the game four times. Used a Steam backup from APRIL. Still gives me the same error.

Steam Support is useless, they have not replied in weeks.

I need somebody to fix this for us.
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