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Dota 2 [Mac] Temporary Fix!

Hello everyone,

I think i'have found a fix for people who experience low frame rates or crashes with Dota 2 on Mac.

1. Go into Steam Preferences / Friends and Disable ''Automatically sign into friends when I start Steam''.

2. Restart your computer, close all your background Apps, launch Dota 2.

3. Never Alt + Tab or return to your desktop once you have launched the game.

The best is if you do not launch any application after your computer is on.

What make the game crash or run with low frame rates is when another applications run in background if you alt+tab or if one of your friends log into Steam, let's hope for a fix as soon as possible.

Hardware : Macbook Pro retina display, 8 Go, 2,3 Ghz i7 (10.8.4)
1440 x 1900 with maximum render quality.

Voila, so it's worked for me it's will work for you too.


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