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SRCDS Admin Tools and Various Plugins

Admin Plugins
*The list is in no particular order. You should read up on each one so you get one that meets your needs.

SourceMod is a Half-Life 2 modification which focuses on server modification, server administration, and plugin writing. Plugins are scripted in the SourcePawn language, and they allow you to script actions on your server and access the Half-Life 2 (Source) engine with ease.

Mani Admin
Probably the most popular as it has tons of features, though if you just want ONLY admin, check the last two.
Ultimate Admin v2.1 by ichthys
Simple admin plugin with admin flags and ability to create your own custom menus.
Comes with Admin Manager, Team Balancer, Weapon Restrictions, and Statsme like ingame messages.

Anti - Cheat
Steam Bans
Steambans is the no.1 Anti-cheat community with global banlist for HL1 and HL2 based servers.

Detox is a server-side anti-cheat plugin for the Half-Life 2 Source Engine with automatic updating functionality.

Mattie's Plugins

Mattie's EventScripts
A Counter-Strike: Source add-on that will automatically execute server config files whenever game events occur.

Direct link for CS: Source Script Packs

Stats/Damage Reports

Final Battle Ground
Advanced statistics system where people can play games with a purpose

This is a plugin for providing hitbox and accuracy information for Statistics. It generates weaponstats and weaponsats2 log-entries. Used by Psychostats and HLStatsX.

Other Useful Plugins
Counter Strike Redirect Server Checker
Helps manage fastdownloads--now with full FTP support
Ptahhotep's Team Balancer
Plugin for fully automate Clan-Wars
Weapon restriction based on wins and Anti-camp plugin.
Metamod: Source
Metamod:Source is an API manager and interception handler that sits in between the Half-Life 2 Engine (Source) and a subsequent Game Modification (MOD). It can dynamically load "SourceMM Plugins", written in C++, to intercept, override, and hook Engine and GameDLL API interfaces. It also allows for inter-plugin communication.
SourceMM Plugins

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Tell me what you think of the guide please. Any edits or additions, whatever it might be. Thanks!

EDIT: Just realized I should create a stats section, put a couple ingame stats plugins, as well as HLStatsX and Psychostats. I'll do that later.

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Source MetaMod and CSSM
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Source Metamod? Geez, those Metamod: Source people must be mad if someone came out with that name for another plugin!

Yes, I need to add DM for CS: Source. TY
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Another cool thing to check out:

Steambans anti cheat plugins:

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FYI-- We're also trying to track the latest plugins/addons/etc here:


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Basic Admin Tool ( A sourcemm plugin )

This is a admin tool intented for servers who want to administer public servers, with adult admins. That dont want infitite number of useless/abuse punishments. Just a basic admin tool for banning/slaping/kick all in a handy menu or via console commands. BAT also works on any Source mod, and the fact that its is not basic it should not break on valve updates

Features: ( This list may not be in sync allways, check link bellow for a updated version)
*Admin commands via Client Console
*Admin commands via Server Console
*Admin commands via Chat Console
*Admin menu
*Admin chat
*Admin login via Steamid / IP ( Tested with 1500+ admin accounts )
*Admin login via MySQL
*Autorespond to public chat messages ( timeleft and nextmap )
*Mapvoting system ( Either via menu or chat )
*Add maps that are outside mapcycle to Admin menu
*Add maps that are outside mapcycle to vote menu
*Rockthevote system
*Reserved slots system
*Autoexec map config files ( like cfg/mapconfig/de_dust2.cfg )
*Automatic STEAM_ID_PENDING kicker
*Interface that allows other plugins to easy get admin information

Download and more info:

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Bumped to avoid being purged.
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Last Connected

*Keep track of everyone's steamids/names that has joined your server.

Useful for when people tell you someone was screwing around, but don't actually get a steamid. Or when people grief the server then leave before anyone can get a steamid.

Download and more info at http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=39755

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EventScripts v1.0

FYI-- I just released a huge new release of EventScripts with lots and lots of new features. Now you can script just about anything for your server in easy-to-understand scripts and .cfg files.

My MugMod plugin is not converted completely to a script provided by EventScripts. Easy to write your own tweaks like that.

Check it out:

Looking to empower you guys,
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I've got a plugin for map ratings too, useful for servers running custom maps:

Download and documentation here

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Running multiple servers? Looking for a way to keep their banlists in sync?

Check out the global banlist plugin at http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=39949

It can be used with an existing AmxBans install.
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Originally Posted by devicenull View Post
Running multiple servers? Looking for a way to keep their banlists in sync?

Check out the global banlist plugin at http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=39949

It can be used with an existing AmxBans install.
well my servers cant be shown in public (my servers used to but nnot now) so if u know wat to do to to have yo have them show up on the list tell me hoe
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hey men i want to disable dynamic weapon pricing in css when running source dedicated server.
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